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First post - Introducing myself


I thought it was about time I introduced myself instead of just staying in the lurker pond.

I am 69, from Sydney in Australia, and have been diagnosed for 5 years. Still fairly mobile ', and although I get very stiff and have to be careful when I am walking, for the most part I am pain free. Any time I start to feel sorry for myself, this community quickly puts my problems in perspective. It is nice to know I am not alone. I have written a poem (oh no, not another one I hear you say ) which I thought some of you might identify with. Not meant to be a work of art, just my inner thoughts when the beast starts to creep up on me.

A Parkies Poem

It is in the wee small hours of the morning

that the nagging doubts appear

in the darkest hours before the dawning

when I try to face my deepest fear

Those restless times when I toss and turn

and can't find sleep no matter what

when my strength seems to be at its lowest ebb

wondering what the hell is this thing I've got

Those thoughts that I keep to myself alone

should I just give in and to hell with it all

will my loved ones still be there

when I stumble and fall

Will I have the strength to endure,

how will I end up, why did it pick me

and I try to make sense of it all

asking for answers where none seem to be

I can keep busy during the day

Telling myself these dark thoughts should not exist

and I do my best to push them away

knowing that no matter what, I must persist

During the daylight hours I battle through

Telling my fears that I am strong enough

Doing everything that I can do

But wondering inside if it's all a bluff

It is a Parkies Battle that we fight every day

to try and keep these demons at bay

and as the sun comes up and a new day dawns

I know I'll try, come what may.

Bryan McAlister

Lots of love to all,


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Welcome, can you tell me this talent for poetry did you have it before parkie struck. My husbsnd could not write a line before diagnosis in 1996 he is great poet now. He is 65 and decorating our bedroom at present doing a marvelous job. He is taking his time an hr on 2 off I love him to bits and admire and respect his spirit. Keep the poetry up x take care


You are spot on. I have never written so much as one line before the Beast appeared. Thanks for the kind words. One thing Parkinson's has done for me, I believe I do appreciate what I have much more than I did before. To quote the 4th and 5th lines of the Serenity Prayer ( sometimes called the Alcoholics Prayer ) "Living one day at a time, Enjoying one moment at a time."

Love and Laughter



Welcome ,

You Will always have us Parkies , to moan at get trhinks of your chest and most of all we know what you are going through,

Enjoy the site some of us are mad and full of fun , parkinsons is a pain in the arse but we get by wiyh a littel help from our FRIENDS

Nice to hear from you


Parkie Al


Thanks for the welcome and the friendship,

I will push my luck and throw another poem at you, which, I hope reflects the supportive and friendly nature of this wonderful community

Walk With Me.

Walk a little way with me

Let me guide you on the road

If the burden seem too much

Let me take the load

For here beside you I will be

No matter what may come

Let’s walk forward side by side

To the sound of a distant drum

If you tire, lean on me

And we will face this thing as one

Let’s just take it day by day

Until the journey’s done

So let me be your guiding star

I will light your way

And every morning when we wake

I’ll give thanks for another day

Let’s not waste a second

Worrying about what’s ahead

Each moment is a precious gift

Let us live it to the full instead

I watch the sunlight fill the world

I see a new day unfold

Let’s set forth together

To see what this day may hold

Bryan McAlister

Love and Laughter


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IFrom 1 new poster to another this is just a brilliant poem. this is my third post as i only joined a few days ago and i cant find my other two anywhere. Anyway i am from Ireland I am 51 years old and have had for 12 years now I also had DBS last year Please dont give up the poetry.


LOVE your poetry!


Thanks for sharing...


Wonderful x


You keep up the poetry angle. I feel sure most of us on here love a good Poem and it is one way of describing ones most inner thoughts which seem impossible to talk about.

I wish you all the best



welcome. You will meet a great bunch of people here.


welcome to ParkiePlace" love your poems,and it helps those of us who don't have a way with words.

hope we hear more


Good poem...dont think negatively ..its counterproductive, in australia you have john coleman a naturpath who healed himself..based in melbourne. getting better and better every day..look up the placebo effect..daviid hamilton on utube. Im 7 yrs on and no drugs..qi gong and natural supplements and diet help me. I still have some symptoms and get down but its detrimental to recovery.


welcome fellow parkie!! thanks for sharing your poems,look forward to reading more!! used too write poems in high school,its been a while,you inspire me to try again :)


This is a great site. Loved your poem. You will get more ideas for poems with this site.


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