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Alone! I'm OK!

If you ask me how i am and the answer is ok, then Im probably not!

I know guys, women are tricky to read. if you only knew. Right now if a big guy, even a complete stranger, came up to me and gave me a bear hug I'd probably just hand over my world and say "take care of me please".

That only happens in movies doesn't it? The damsel in distress never has Parkinson's Disease. Her husband never trades her in for a new wife. Her family are all around her.

Well every day I wake up I believe something amazing is just around the corner, and I'm off to look for it.

Oh and if you are a big guy be careful who you hug, It might just be me. x

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Way to go!! Tony x


A bear hug on its way x



A BIG hug to u

Lol Jill/



Hugs from me too ! Hope is a wonderful thing, rock on !



Hugs from me too, keep strong xx


A great big hug from this old lummock too.

Wish you all the best oldtyke


I know what you mean, When I'm asked how I feel, my response is usually, "fine," and it's usually a lie. I, too, would love a big bear hug but haven't had one in a while. So, here's a big one from me to you. Hope it made you feel better, 'cause it sure did me. I'm an old traded-in wife, too, but pretty much got over it. I don't think you ever get completely over being so unnecessary to someone you could count on and you thought would never hurt you and then you found out you meant nothing to, but after 30-some years the pain is almost gone. Almost.


after 30 plus years of wedded unbliss, I finally got unwed. 9 years later I got PD. Good thing I am alone. I don't always like it. But I appreciate the friends and family I do get to see and/or hear from. At least I control the remote :D


Yes I also enjoy controlling the remote! And the other good thing about being alone is that you can sleep or wake whenever you want.

Rory3028 Im sending you a big hug right back. When i lived in the USA (18 years) I couldn't afford to send Mum flowers so we made a pact. I would buy myself flowers and call Mum and say thank you. Then she would go buy herself some. I just bought you some flowers, thank you! x

To everyone else that sent a hug, I love all of you, keep hoping. x


I lie also about how I feel Im a hugger. I hug most everyone. So I say spread those arms without delay and give someone a hug today :-)


My problem now is if someone hugs me and it catches me out I might cry. I never used to be a crier. I'm going to church this morning, better take a hanky! lol


I have always been a crier everyone is use to me by now. I dont make excuses anymore, I just keep tissues all the time. It's ok to cry. Dont make excuses for it. Im sending a big hug.


Yip, I feel very alone too....

Am just another one who has no pain, this is coming from those whos just like to judge those on whome they no nothing about. Pain, as we know can't be seen bo others, which is why I agree with Threads when we just say ok.

But, yet we are hurting.



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