Saving my Life

To Daveyno9 and to all of you who commented on his post " Do most PD sufferers Feel Like This?"....

allow me to express sincerest thanks for sharing your experiences. I want to tell you my experience last Saturday morning.

I was awake in the wee hours of the morning as the pain of lying in bed allows few hours of real sleep. Up and down a few times I finally go to my computer at 6 am on my day off. Checking my email I see there is a new post on the site.

I open t. I read it. I sit and cry. Like a baby. My God...I am not making this shit up!! I am not imagining, I am not a whimp exagerating the strife of daily life!! I have been in denial. I have hurt myself in that denial.

You shared , you commented, and you taught me.So many things I needed to know. Things i couldn't see or face on my own.

Today I feel empowered to start a new fight against this disease. A sensible fight!

My very best to you all,

thankyou , Sheila

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  • Way to go Sheila - think BIG and be BIG! Fondest Tony xx

  • So glad you told us. Night time is the worst, especially alone, thats when I pick up my computer. Talking helps. Also being empowered by knowledge.

    Leave PD behind sometimes. I am off to Art Club today. x

  • Hi. I'm leaving it behind today, too. Going out to lunch with my daughter and her husband, and they are a lot of fun. Can't wait till Noon. It's really nice having something to look forward to.l

  • Have a wonderful day!

  • Hi Sheila

    missed it post but agree that I ftere. Is anythin g u. Wanted to get off ur chest then this is the place t o f do it

    There is a chat room 2 but I have given up on that

    Lol jill


  • You go, girl!!!

  • I'm!

  • i am so happy for you. i feel blessed to have found all of you my new friends who know what i am trying to say.we understand completly.

  • Glad for you. Thanks for sharing... ~~~Dennis

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