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New Year's resolutions with Parkinsons

This is my first new year knowing I have Parkinsons. Based on my reactions to its symptoms, I do have a couple of resolutions:

1. I will stop getting frustrated with myself, and especially with others around me, when I have trouble doing small things such as buttoning my shirt or opening a zip lock bag.

2. I will be more gracious about accepting help when it is offered, but will still strive to be as independent as possible.

3. I will learn to apprecite the things I can do instead of dwelling on what I can not do.

If I can learn to do these things, my life, and the lives of those around me, will be much improved.

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Nice words


Right on!


I will strive to do the same. Thanks.


Those are perfect resolutions- to appreciate my accomplishments - appreciate the here and now of each day and especially being gracious - as in accepting "Grace" from others and not feeling so inadequate and embarrassed about my strange way of moving.




And I thought I was the only one who wrestled with zip lock bags :o)


I totally understand


And why is it so hard to button a button? Getting dressed really take a long time. Getting things over my head or even putting on a jacket takes so long!

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