Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Hi All,

happy new Year to all my new friends on this site,

i have found it very enlightening and help full .

i was out last night with a few friends and had a few wee drinks, when i first arrived some of the people who i have not seen for some time were a bit un sure how to talk to me , as i walked throught the door of the pub some of the faces were all i can say was some were in a state of Horror, some with pitty and some would not look at me, i was shaking from head to toe, not a pritty sight but who cares , thats what i look like now, any way after a few drinks and a chat about PD thay all came round and i think now understand a weee bit of what i have to go through on a daily basis

so at lest we have a few new supporters in Glasgow

Happy New Year



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  • Happy New Year, Al. Your post describes how I physically feel more often than not. Dennis

  • Thank you for your comments. Sometimes I feel like a leper. I was invited to a birthday party at a bar last nite but opted to stay home. Maybe it's time to do more with my life.

  • Cheers Joealt,

    some times we have to do what what we do

    have a good New Year


  • I went to Rosa's Blues Bar in Chicago on New Years Eve and had a great time.

  • like the picture !! good for you too - to go out in a state such as you have to put up with is very brave - ay least i dont shake !!

    all the very best to you and laraine for 2012

    sha xx

  • Sha , its not brave its life

    happy new year



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