What are the odds on this?

how likely is it for a single pedestrian to be hit by a car on the footpath? Now expand that ---- how likely is it that the same pedestrian gets hit twice in less than 5 weeks? now expand it again --- by the same driver in the same car in the same location. Must be millions to one against. so, why me?

I now have the tyre tread pattern from a Nissan printed on the right leg of my trousers.

The first time, the driver didn't stop, and nobody go the license plate number. But they did this morning.

Maybe the simple explanation was that it was a woman driver. A blonde woman driver.

I now pray all the time I am out of the house - "Please God, hurry up and give them back their planet"

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  • Did that really happen? I don't want to sound uncaring, but that is so funny. I hope you didn't get hurt.

  • yes, but i am feeling it enough now.

    and an interesting thing happened to me when i got home from both incidents. the first person i called was not my family - it was Injury Lawyers For You

  • Maryalice

    It is written that way to make it sound funny, so you are not being uncaring. if we cannot laugh at ourselves sometimes, we must be at a dead end in our lives. it's easier to handle when i remember "every pain is a pound in the bank."

    Must go now - I am looking for an island to buy

  • Sorry for your being in the wrong place at wrong time. Yes we do need to laugh at ourselves. I am a clutz so i laugh at self alot. Mostly i trip, fall walk into doors an do stupid stuff like crack an egg an put the shell in the cake mix an throw away egg. No i dont have PD my spouse does. Hope they catch the drivet. Probably on phone

  • don't worry, eggshells are a good source of calcium - AND SALMONELLA !!!!

    they got the driver yesterday. she had driven into me originally on 13th March, but did a hit-and-run. she was not on the phone - she was looking left and i was on the footpath to her right, and she was lookig the other way. She

  • Good luck, but watch out for moving vehicles.

  • I empathize! I was hit by a car as a pedestrian twice too, though different drivers. I washed the bulls eye off my butt, have you tried that? ;)

  • what butt?

  • yes, folks. 100% true, 13th March and yesterday. and it's no bull about the tyre pattern in my new beige trousers.

    thinking of writing my life story, but need massive building to store it

  • Make money out of it, start a new art fashion in mens trousers.

  • hi oldtyke

    a good respons eto the above

    i like your style

    and am coming ot my beloved CLEVELAND tomorrOW to see my 91 year old dad !

    the daffodils wwill be Fantastic in Farndale!!

    lol jiLL




  • Oldtyke

    Don't worry - i will be making a good retirement fund from this.


    the smile is on my bank manager's face.

    isn't it funny how you seem to remember that those casual trousers you bought at Asda (Walmart for you colonials) for walking the dog cost around £50, and not £5?


  • all i was doingwas walking my dog - she was the one who drove onto the footpath (sidewalk) and hit me, then drove off (hit and run is illegal here, too). it was at the gate of a Special Needs Infant School. ten minutes earlier, the whole area was jammed solid with parents and children for this school and for the junior school which is part of the same building. just imagine what would have happened if she had ploughed into them !!!!. the parking lot she raced out of has busses full of kids in wheelchairs being delivered to school, plus many parents delivering their offspring.

    Personally, i am glad i was me, and not the children.

  • i was only joking !!

  • i know, but i was just filling out the second police report, and my reply kind of came out different. sorry. but then, what i said sticks. better me than the kids. i bounced off, and ill bounce back.

  • Providing environmental factors, you know, time of day, lighting conditions, same driver etc, etc. etc. and all he rest. Then I would think the odds are in favour. In fact would think it quite likely for this type of event to be repeated.

  • I am so glad you were not seriously injured.. I pray they catch the driver and nail her to the wall. My hubby was not as lucky as you and was hit and killed by a truck. The driver was distracted and drove on the shoulder of our rural road.

  • i remember, and i hope i have not stirred the memories too much.

  • things are a little better. I still have my moments but then remember he is no longer in pain and has overcome PD.

  • Are you sure you don't have any enemies? I would change my route for sure. It could be that she is thinking "oh, no, there's the person I hit before. hope I don't, oops!" what a nightmare!

  • no enemies except veryneaarlyex, and there is a legal exclusion zone for her. No enemas, either

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