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My daughter told me today that I talk about PD alot. I told her that I didn't want to alienate her, I just want to keep her informed. In the back of my mind I did a tally of other things that come up. I had a difficult time recalling another topic. Hmmm.

Although Parkinson's has become a huge part of my life it's a hard thing for "normal" people to grasp. I guess you've just got to be there to understand how much it takes control of your soul. My advice to all of the PD sufferers out there is to keep a list of other things to talk about. Sports. Yes. Music. Great. Politics? Maybe not.

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Joealt-- understand that. Thank you for the reminder - Dennis


My family also tell me that PD is also my almost my sole subject of conversation. Must try to find other things to talk about. Trouble is if I don't talk about it, nobody else mentions it! Which I suppose is a good thing. Must add this to my growing list of New Year Resolutions.


i think the best answer is to make a friend who is at the same stage as oneself then you can talk about it to them more and stick to one time a week to mention it to family if it is not too severe. ! i havent told most of my friends i've got it yet. I dont think labels help- just an imbalance in the body! -which reminds me i have acupuncture today -good for that!


Good reminder. I know I talk about PD a lot as well. I guess I need to remind myself that I was me before PD and I'm still me after PD. I had plenty to talk about before the PD diagnosis so I should be able to converse about other topics now. I think that's why this forum is good because we have others that are walking in our shoes and can share or vent---whatever. Thanks.


Monitoring my excess PD chatter is my New Years Resolution. We have this Parkinson's Community Blog to bore each other. We're so lucky!

Happy New Year!!


my family thinks i'm "self-centered." i've wondered how you can't be when you have severe gait and balance problems and getting thru a day can be hazardous.



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