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Is it usual to have a tremor that cannot be seen


I often feel as though my tremor is really acute but it is not visible. I also have a tremor that can be quite violent and am sometimes unable to distinguish between the two.

At times I am able to control my tremor by relaxation but this needs time and patience and sometimes does not work. I just can't understand how my tremor seems so real but cannot be seen.

Does anyone else have experience with this problem?

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There is something called "internal tremor" which may explain it. I have had the same thing and it can be very annoying.

I can feel a tremor coming. Sometimes I get them while I'm watching The News.

Court in reply to Joealt

That says a lot about The News. It is always depressing. Need some good News, I think. Mine are usually worse in the evening and occur whether I am at home or out. Mind you I don't tend to go out evenings for this reason. Coward that I am.

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yes I know what you mean I sometimes feel really shakey inside

I, too, experience the internal tremors. I sometimes feel as if my insides are "vibrating." It is an awful feeling. I awakened this morning with the sensation of my brain shaking....not violently, just a gentle shaking in the back of my head. It is such a weird feeling. Because of this I got up at 4:20 am and took my Sinemet....the gentle shaking has passed.

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I also have these feelings almost makes me dizzy.I take stalevo and requip

Yes, I have "visceral off" and get horrible sensation in lower left ab radiating down to knees. Sometimes a bit like labor (childbirth). I groan and have to excuse myself at those times.

I also have the internal tremors, especially in the evening after a long day at work on my is a very strange sensation.

I have the internal tremors in my torso. It's the oddest feeling.

(Taking Requip and using transdermal Emsam)

I have tremors in my mouth. When wake in the morning, my teeth start chattering as fast as they can go. Also after I go to bed at night.

My husband says it feels like something is eating him inside that is how he explains that internal tremor feeling

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