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What to do today?

What to do today?

So you wake up. slowly! stiff.... I so hate that! with the agility of a wooden top.... and closely resembling one too! The whole day is ahead, and you need to seize it! Well I do, I don't like to waste time, every moment is precious and I don't do 'slow' mentally that is. If I started to document my day which starts sometime from 2am to 8am (today 4am) it looks like the diary of a mad person! I try to have order and definitely have commitments and deadlines but sometimes one conversation had and it all goes out of the window! To stop myself getting overwhelmed and that happens a lot, I try to think of the next hour or two ahead and one task at a time. I don't write lists like normal people one thing below another, I write one thing per post note! Anyway what to do today well whatever I decide there always has to be a tangible good output, otherwise I won't when I reflect later, feel it has been a good one. On the list (one at once of course) is play some music, vinyl the best, make something nice to eat for later, deliver a late gift to a friend and decide what to do with New Years Eve. Now there is a thing, and like Xmas some people don't like the sentiment of reflection and then forecast. I kinda agree change and intent shouldn't be calendar driven, however if its the only time you do then go for it. Next year is largely in your hands, so make a shape the suits you! Anyway whatever you do today, have a really good one..... go and do something unexpected! Oh go on! why not!



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