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It's 12 April in the UK. Today is NOT World Parkinson's Day. No, this is no late birthday card on my part. No, it's simple. I refuse to celebrate my enemy. I refuse to validate your existence. Don't expect me to treat you with anything other than the contempt you deserve. You declared war on me. But remember this. You may have started this war on your terms. But I will finish it on mine. Hold the line brothers and sisters. NO SURRENDER

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Amen to that Jon! Well spoken. Tony

I will NEVER give in..................

My sentiments exactly. As time goes on it is becoming harder to fight, but fight I will to the end and together we will beat it, one day,

hi all

i agree this PSP has got the fight in em going and i SHALL keep going as long a si can

it is cold again today and we have a rugny leagu ematch tonight so it will eb wet as well

still i am going to hte matches whilst i can...

lol Jill


Jon My sentiments exactly.

We have to win this war just as much as Australia has to beat England for the Ashes!!


It is much easier to fight a war when you know where the enemy is coming from or it's next move.

With PD you never know from one day to the next how it will pan out.

All that research out there, we do not know if they are our saviours or our enemies.

We blindly go into drug therapy in the hope it helps, then it can become the enemy within quite often.

All I can say is we need to be constantly on our guard at all times.

Its the only way x

Yes and no. It's been a learning journey for me. It's brought some very interesting people and concepts into my life. I WILL not surrender to it but I know it has a purpose. It's purpose is to teach me how to change myself in order to recover. Check out pdrecovery.com. I have embraced it as I believe that it will not hang around. But thanks PD for the new people in my life.


I couldn't agree more. This is a fight to the death.

well put, good for you and a wakeup for the rest



Your comments and challenge are inspirational. I shall attempt to abide by your credo until the monster is slain.

I agree.

someone said it best . Parkinsons might shake me but it wont break me.


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