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The joy of being a bad drummer

As many of you know, I drum. Correction I drum badly. Increasingly I am even worse than ever and the little I have grasped frequently can suddenly slip away in an total loss of movement control. When I sit at my stool and pick up my sticks I never quite know whether I am going hammer my version of the Stranglers flawlessly or fail at any attempt to produce anything remotely resembling a beat.

Now you could say thats frustrating? well I worked this out. I will always be a bad drummer, as PD stops me. And it doesn't matter. Why not? well I haven't ever known any way. I have no comparisons to make, no bereavement, no loss. Actually I have a gain its simply this.....Banging drums is great. My thoughts are this if you used to play the piano beautifully and can't now, don't. It will tear you in two, well it would me. Instead do what I do take up something new that you can only benchmark with since you had PD. Being a rubbish drummer is fabulous. Think I might rubbish ice skate soon. (she's not kidding)

Kindest C

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hi colleen

i love your attitude and style!

i use dto playh hte piano a bit and cannot any more but i sing (badly) in a choir and it is great makign music

i dont know about ice skating and drummign would be too loud for me in the flat where i live.ui r right however ,

i need to find somehtign NEW post PSP which i can do

will think abou tit and le thyou all know

lol JIll



What a wonderful attitude an inspiration to all . Its my hubby has PD he has developed many other talents in the 18yrs of pd one poetry and ditties. I am not talented in anyway andyou only have my admiration for people such as yourself take care and keep on drumming or whatever takes your fancy x


I couldn't agree more. I have always enjoyed knitting and still do, but the finished article does not always look as it should!! I must move on and try to find something new so I do not compare now with then. Time to put my thinking cap on. Not sure about ice skating though!!



Will you lease consider a new skill to learn badly where yo are less likely to do yourself physical harm. Stamp collecting or train spotting or some such similar thing?.LOL

Best wishes.



Full-contact flower arranging?


In ice skating you drum a different area. I have done it myself

The cold does help the pain.

My gran once told me they invented a buscle so that when ladies skated they did not hurt their derriere. sounds cool to me (pardon the pun)

I reckon if you enjoy something whether you are good at it or not keep doing it.

and every now and then try something different.

Drumming on ice!

Now that could be interesting.


Remember this. It is called PLAYING drums. I sold my drums because I choose not to play anymore. Now I play poker. I do miss playing drums. So does my wife. I am grateful for what I have and I am grateful for the memories of days gone past. Keep your head up. GOD bless.


You are amazing and your posts are very positive! Love it, love it, love it. :-)

Hugs, Terri


I took up the guitar at 60 y/y and believe me I play much worse today that I ever have., I scrape along on good intentions. But I am beginning to get annoyed at myself for playing so loud and so poorly for so long!!!!!!!

DRUMS ??? Huh maybe I’ll be worse on Drums…

I keep thinking that when I am cured and feeling like Super-duper Person that I'll be able play guitar like clapton and golf like Tiger!


How about roller skating? You could join a roller derby club.....they seem to be popping up again. Would not be any more scary than ice skating for me! How about painting? All you need is some paints a few brushes and something to paint on. You could be the next Picasso!


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