For the past month I have had the pleasure of reading all the postings here each day. It is time consuming but far from onerous. The struggles and isolation of some of you stands out along with your resilience and fortitude. I notice the encouragement people give and receive about the daily challenges of living with Parkinsons and I enjoy your life affirming blogs and posts.

I hope you all visit the main Parkinson's Movement pages from time to time. The movement is new and exciting and you are all significant people in this new community.

As 2011 nears its end I want to wish you all seasons greetings and very best wishes for 2012.

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  • Thanks for your work in bringing a valuable asset to the parkinson's community. Happy Holidays

  • Ditto Victor

  • Thank you for creating this site. Health Unlocked is a valuable tool for the PD Community.

    Have a Happy New Year!!

  • Appreciate the labor and time you give to create this tool to help others who have PD. Your work is far reaching. Merry Christmas.

  • Ditto, ditto, ditto!

    Thanks a ton!!!

  • it shows us the journey we take we are not alone we are but one but togeather we are many and we are not alone

  • Thank's a lot for ewerithing!!

  • Thanks very much

  • I would like to also thank you!

    What a difference a site like this one would have make if it had been up and running when I was diagnosed. My doctor almost acted excited that he had discovered what others had not. He said “You have Parkinson’s Disease. Go to Michael J Fox’s web site and read about it.” That was it!

    At that time all the MJF site did was explain what they were doing for PD, which was great, but didn’t answer my questions or explain to me about PD. I lost a lot of time worrying and wondering.

    I am still encouraged by and thankful for this site.

    Again, thanks!

  • Thanks U for sharing this valuable web.

    Merry Christmas ans Happy New Year.

  • This is an excellent site and I appreciate your efforts.

    I am grateful to all those who make this site a success.

    I find it very helpful to connect with my PD community.


  • hello, I'm new this blog, I've been reading some of the posts and have looking for a spot to post blogs about Parkinson's. My name is Clay, I am a 51 -year-old white male who was diagnosed when I was 39 years of age. I've been through all the drugs and the mindbending twists they take you on, then I found out about DBS( deep brain stimulation) surgery. Needless to say the surgery was a trip all its own, being wide awake during the whole procedure, not my idea of fun. The honeymoon effect the doctor said would last "forever", little did I know his forever was over three months.

    now I could drone on about the surgeries effects afterwards, but the bottom line is, the quality of life is better than before or without.

    Hoping every success for the new year to all of you!

    PK Clay

  • It has been heart warming to read your comments over my Christmas celebrations. It is wonderful to know that the site has already proved a valuable place for so many of you.

    I must confess that my contribution is small - it is to daily review what you write, others are doing the hard technical work establishing and developing Parkinsons Movement.

    These are my PM heroes and I join them in again wishing you New Year Greetings :

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