Parkinson's Movement


After I was diagnosed with PD I became haunted with anxiety and depression. I had never experienced these emotions before. My doctor suggested that I see a therapist in order to cope. That was over a year ago.

I went to see my therapist this morning with the intention of making it my last visit. My rational was: I have Parkinson's Disease, which is somewhat depressing, so any depression I was experiencing was normal under the circumstances, so if the depression is normal why bother with the therapy? It made perfect sense. I went to my appointment and, as I was attempting to relate this rational, I stopped midsentence. I realised that I was just looking for a way to FEEL better. Wasn't that was the reason I was seeing my therapist? It was working. So I changed my mind.

As I was leaving my therapist said "Merry Christmas!"

I go "Happy New Year!"

And she says "That's coming after our next session".

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I can identify with this... I have a tendency to stop doing a lot of things that work shortly after experiencing the benefit of doing them! Silly, I know, but I do have a definite pattern...


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