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Has anyone taking mucuna pruriens been told to stop it before undergoing a general anaesthetic?

I am soon to be given a general anaesthetic for a minor operation. During the pre operation assessment I told the nurse that I was taking Mucuna Pruriens together with Sinemet for my Parkinson's. She referred it to the anaethisist who said it was contraindicated to the anaesthetic used and that I must stop taking it 14 days before the operation. Obviously I will, but has anyone else heard of this?

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Isn't this powder a replacement or supplement for dopamine?

The drug Dopamine has to be stopped before surgery so I think it is common sense to say Yes it must be stopped.


Hello Oldtyke,

Yes, mucuna pruriens is the powder that contains Ldopa. The hospital knows that I also take Sinemet, but have not told me to stop taking it prior to my having a general anaesthetic. May I ask you, where is it stated that the drug 'dopamine' has to be stopped before surgery? If this is the case, then I should have been told.




Ask the anesthesiologist to call you to discuss this issue and concerns. He/she should be able to address this question and how they will handle it if you stop your "meds".


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