christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat,,,,,,

christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat,,,,,,

i use to tell my boys this little rhyme when they would get too curious around christmas.......please put a penny in the old mans hat......... they would laugh and keep asking questions .......... if u haven't have a penny a half penny will do if u haven't got a half penny than God bless you how they would chuckle and go on their way until they decided they wanted to hear it again the next day. i love that little verse that my grandpa taught me because it showed/told me that no matter what you always have something. to give or to receive. this past week end i received a great gift. i did something for my self that i have not done in over 2 years. i took off in my car to columbus ohio about 2 1/2 hours away and spent 3 days with a friend and part with my niece and even though i had many negative people around me that i couldn't do it I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF AND IT FELT AWESOME my friend and i shared our christmas togethr and my niece and i worked on her wedding plans. her mom, my sister, died this past january, and my niece always lived more with me anyway, asked me to be the brides mother come july . i feel so put together again and blessed. i am planning another trip soon to work some more on the wedding. my thought was that little rhyme it went in and out of my thoughts. i knew deep in my heart and soul i could do this and that if i didn't have that penny or half penny in me God would be blessing me. all this makes wonderful sense to my mind, hope i haven't confused anyone too much. but i don't know how many times i will be able to do this so God truly blessed me. i now hear my son say that to his 2 yr old and this extremely proud mema thinks how she will use the words as she faces her world. a world with rheumatoid arthritis.

God Bless All of You Thru the Christmas Holiday

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  • This is encouraging. Thank you for sharing!

  • thank you i had such a great time and still feel like that was my best Christmas gift ever

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