happy to find this site to share w people w PD only understand. diagnosed in 1997 but I managed it pretty good, still very independent,..still driving. only few things to need assistance and for 2012 my plans are a LOT of EXERCISE!!! to keep tone, strong and pretty!!!!

Here where I live is not easy to find young people w PD, the loneliness is hard,,,but this blogs are the opportunity to meet new friends who experienced the same in the daily activities.

Let's share it all, goods and bads.....we're not alone....

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  • hello ada

    yes these pages and awesome people on them will be a great help to u. u said where u live it isn't easy for yound person with pd where is it u are from. do u get the looks of pity when u actually tell them about yourself.? did u work or do still work. what special things do u like to do. u are right we are not alone again welcome and we will keep in touch

    black cat

  • Welcome to the site! I have had PD for 17 years now and I am keen to find new PD friends. I live in the UK - where do you live? Tony

  • Hi I have had pd for ten years I live in Yorkshire

  • Welcome aboard ;o)

  • Welcome and Wassail (Good Health)

  • Hi Ada. It is good to be in community.

    IF you speak Spanish and appreciate trova (I gather from your locater map that you are in Puerto Rico) you might appreciate this controversia about PD:

  • Oops, I tested this link and I doesn.t work. VIsit and you'll find the poems.

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