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Does anyone get woken from stabbing, burning pain

I am often awaken by burning, stabbing, sudden pain in the same left quad, the side my PD started. At other times the same muscle, same spot I feel the entire area go numb. Does this sound like pd, or should I research further. Dr. didn't give me any answers or referrals,

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I have had a few of those, but more of just cramping..........horrible cramping, in my legs feet and hands. Even if I yawn wrong it happens in my neck.........





I've been having sharp pain off-and-on over the last ~2 months, but not when I'm sleeping. One of those occasions I would characterize as having a "burning" feeling. I don't particularly associate it with my PD, not that I know as much about possible PD symptoms as I should by now. I'll still mention it to my neurologist in mid January.

What you're describing doesn't sound like PD to me. I'd expect, from my experience, from some reading and from what I've heard others say, for it to start subtly with slightly less skill at doing some fine motor movements on one side (pretty much referring to the hand). Then a larger symptom on that same side, particularly a constant limp. But, perhaps it could begin in different ways than that. I'm a computer programmer, not a neurologist, so don't take medical advice too seriously from me. If your doc isn't connecting with you then there's the web to compare your symptoms against. A couple of sites to check:



There may be a number more of recommended sites that people add here , but there are a couple to start with.


I have PD on the right side and cervical stenosis there too (pressure by the vertebrae on the nerve cluster running down the spine). The cervical stenosis is on the right side of the spine, in the lower neck and upper back (as seen on an MRI). I think/hope that the back/neck/shoulder pains were caused by aggravation of the stenosis by a couple of recent factors (ergonomics, and dyskinesia from too much levodopa). In the late evenings, I was getting sharp pain (and not a small amount) on the backside of my right shoulder, the right-back of my neck and my upper-right back. I could not find any position that would stop it except to lay down.

This has diminished as the effect of a lower dose of levo has kicked in, and as I'm farther from that ergonomic problem. Now, most nights I don't get any pain, so I think it was those 2 factors aggravating the stenosis, which somehow radiated pain to the shoulder and across more of the back.


Deb: I get cramping in my calf muscles both sides. I've tried a lot of things to relieve them. One is " Cramp 911" a topical liquid roll on for emergencies, the other is Peter Gillhams product called Calm it is a magnesium supplement that allows for a little better sleep, too. hope that helped...


I have pain in my Hamstring muscles and my Glute muscles. It took going to seven (7) different neurologists before being diagnosed with Piriformis Syndrome. I do experience sharp muscle cramps at times on my Parkinson's side. My latest neurologist said this muscle pain is not related to Parkinson's and can be corrected with Physical Therapy. There are numerous web sites that describe this problem and show how you can treat it at home with a few simple daily exercises.


I received most of my help from physical therapy. PT was the first to notice I should see a neurologist. I dragged my left leg for over a year. It was painful! I finally went back to a, who rubbed that muscle and showed my husband how to rub it also. It took several weeks, but it got much better. I no longer had to worry about not being able to continue shopping or being able to walk back to the car. Now when my leg begins to "lock up" on me I ask my husband to rub my knee and/or leg & it gets better. I don't use my handicap sticker any more! :)


Before I had the DBS surgery, i had sharp pains on my left side - the PD side - that were horrible. It has lessened significantly since the surgery but not completely gone. It's one of the worst things about PD I think.