Amazing Grace

Well yes it is a song, and yes this is a post about music but the title is actually something I am prioritising in terms of protecting. Grace is a quality I would like to think I hold a little of, and it is the last thing I am prepared to allow the Parkinsons 'Pac Men' gobble up. I had to remind myself of this today as my 12 months of drumming skills vapourised into a random banging of sticks that a 5 year old would achieve with two tooth brushes atop of the family pet dog's head. No please do not try this at home!

So as I sink into the familiar comforting melody that is "nice and sleazy" by the Stranglers I am met with a right leg no longer able to kick the base pedal, a head fog that won't recall the beats, and worst of all a disconnection that I haven't felt before. Drumming draws you into a track. Imagine going to a live gig of your most revered band and then ending up on stage sunk into the heart of it. Lost in music, yes. I can be in any band I like everyday I just need to go on spotify and select.

So today can I tap my way through it, can I find solutions? can I accept it. The answer is yes, yes and yes and this post was one of the things I needed to do, as part of that.

Don't worry I am hanging on to Grace, she is me and I am her.



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  • C I am always pleased when you post and I am drawn by your infectious enthusiasm and determination. I ofttimes find myself lost in a valley obscured by clouds and have a struggle to find the pathway to come out of the mIst and it is by oscillating between rage and patience that I emerge from the shadows. Thank you for being there....Tony

  • Thank you for your encouragement. I aways find it funny when we say PD affects us all differently, actually life affects us all differently! But how we handle it is key. My mist is your fog, your clouds are my shadows... we inhabit the same planet. Like you mine will remain a good one :-)

  • I guess we have just got to keep on keeping on and never ever let the Parkinson's 'Pac Men' win! Go well C..

  • i appreciate 2 your words C

    it si so important to remember who we are

    lol JIll


  • Thank You! I needed to hear that! Thank you for sharing!



  • You go girl. I recently sold my drums. I replaced them with poker. I use my tremors to my favor at the poker table. I shake if I have a good hand or when I am bluffing. The regular players know I have PD, but the new ones think they can read me.

    Have a wonderful life.

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