Pension or not?

Hello. Today I have been to the Pensions Agency and heard me for what happens financially if I retire now. Feeling well and would definitely be able to work as it looks today, but want to be off a few years while I feel good. These thoughts I had never had I been free of PD. And it's a game .... for what says I will be poor in the future. Would hope for the best. Has turned 60 and retired is not in this country until the 65th But you can start using pensinsersättningen after 61st But what do you think --- not certain happiness in the time off but it would be fun and get the raw itself as "healthy". But ... Perhaps the brain is kept more in shape if you work. Yes ... it is worth thinking about.

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  • EVeryone's case is unique...but personally I am very glad I retired.

  • Hi Moniqa

    I think you write in Swedish. If you would like any future posts translated send them by private message to me and I will get a Swedish friend to help me.

    I understand your above post to say you are currently 60 with retirement age in Sweden being 65. You can get a pension from 61yrs. Your question is should you retire and enjoy these early PD years. You are likely to be poor in the future but is it worth the gamble or should you continue working.

  • Continue to work as long as you can. Working is good exercise for the brain and the body, it may even delay onset of some of the symptoms.

  • I HAD to retire 1.5 yrs after I found out I had PD.

    I did NOT want to retire, but I could not continue teaching. It was very difficult for me to concentrate.

    The side effect of my meds was PD symptoms. 3.5 years later they changed my meds. I felt so much better.

    Stress makes my PD symptoms worse. I believe that my PD would be a lot worse if I had continued to work.

    Prayer, exercise, healthy eating and finding ways to keep busy are helpful.

  • Thank you for commenting. I have worked full time all my life except the last few years when I worked 75%. I am convinced that I would fill my days with activities if I decide to end their careers. Sometimes I think it would be so nice not having to be on top of the brain. But I'll ponder for a while before I decide how I should do

  • I was diagnosed at 63 and worked until 68. I took advantage of all disability accommodations. Finally I had a financial planner look at my situation and decided my cash flow would be better if I retired. It's worked out well. I would work as long as you can. I keep busy in retirement. If it weren't for injuries (!), my PD was progressing slowly. But now I need assistance to travel. Determined to get my independence back so I can do all I had planned for retirement. Good luck to you!

  • Thanks for the comment

  • Thanks for the comment

  • I deleted my comment because it sounded too bleak. PD can be a rough ride but I will always strive to be a better person.

  • Hi...I was diagnosed at age 44 and continued working about 5 years with accomodation. I am now 58 and PD has advanced..I am also a bit introverted and have quit driving and other things I used to be able to do. I do get disability retirement, and will collect social security at age 59 1/2. I have not be enable to do any of the things we planned for is hard but is what it is and i know I must do everything I can to keep going now.

  • I'm terrified of this aspect of my life. I started teaching when I was 40 so I don't have a whole lot to work with. I'm 52 and always figured I would have to work until I'm 65 - and that has its own twists and turns - because job security has become a serious risk- as well as the threat of our state claiming bankruptcy which would completely wipe out all of our pensions.

    I was diagnosed a year ago - and currently have accommodations because I cannot write. I'm hoping tweaking medication will address this.

    I can't go on disability with my contract unless I cannot work at that seems unlikely.

    Terrified is definitely the word.

    My spouse has been on Disability (Social Security) for over 25 years and...

    Most of the time I ignore all of this - ignorance is bliss.

  • My last comment was not supportive - I think I want to say congratulations to the people who posted with their awesome plans.

    It's an inspiration.

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