On being happy

I smile a lot, I laugh everyday, actually I generally get the giggles. I play seriously loud music have a passion for tutu's and adore marmite cheesy disco and mad clothes. I work tirelessly I do my best to be supportive. My life is quite amazing. My point is I remain in great shape and despite the insomnia, nausea, incontinence, stiffness, brain fade and the countless frustration. Positivity, being supportive, kindness, generosity, Care I am addicted too. For me it is proving to be the best treatment out there.

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  • I love your attitude!!!

    (what is marmite?)


  • Good for you.;the book you cant afford the luxury of a negative thought s good! I believe having fun is the best answer along with a healthy diet and exercise/yoga!

  • Very well put! thank you!

  • People hate Marmite..... ???? I don't get it smile........ teehee

  • Does it taste like Vegemite?

    Also, regarding finding a funding sourse for your 48 hour concept, have you thought of approaching Medtronix?

  • Great attitude.

  • I am happier than I have been in years! Agree with Hilary: yoga and exercise help a LOT with body, mind, and spirit.

    When I get sad I remember

    1) I am loved/appreciated by so many wonderful people

    2) I can still do almost everything I want/need to

    3) I am so fortunate to be healthy (other than PD) and to have my basic needs securely provided for

  • Humor is SO important - always be ready to laugh at yourself. And laughing must, if anything, release some endorphins in your brain that make you feel better - it really IS the best medicine.

  • Thank you!

  • Totally agree! I was diagnosed this year around the same time as I struck 50 and I try to have a giggle at every opportunity. What I struggle with is all of those really miserable people around who have no reason to be - life is too short not to have fun x

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