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Is any pd sufferer having trouble with capal tunnel?

I am a 46yr old mother of 3 and been struggling with pd rigidity down my entire right side of my body for about 5 plus yrs. Because of bad posture i am awaiting an op for a ruptured disc in my lower left side of my back. Recently i have had tests which have shown up capal tunnel in my left hand (unaffected side) now almost within 2 wks both hands are exactly the same only when lying down or driving, symptoms disappear when i move around. Is anyone having the same thing and could it be something else? Hospital say it is not connected with my pd? Also when my meds are working i have no symptoms of capal tunnel either!

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Before I was diagnosed with PD the doctors diagnosed me with a moderate case of ulnar compartment syndrome. (similar to Carpal tunnel syndrome) PD symptoms compounded the effects of the ulnar nerve symptoms and caused me to suffer greater symptoms than either of the diseases by themselves. (weakness and numbness in the pinky and ring finger) I had ulnar nerve release surgery and it helped with the problem but I still had mild symptoms until I self diagnosed my PD. (later confirmed by Nero) I think I could have lived with the ulnar nerve problem if I did not have PD. The surgery did help.

Good luck, Victor


Victor > PD symptoms compounded [...] ulnar nerve symptoms (weakness and numbness in the pinky and ring finger)

But, not numbness on the middle finger side of the ring finger, right?

> I had ulnar nerve release surgery and it helped with the problem

> The surgery did help.

Victor, I'm expecting to possibly need Ulnar nerve surgery within the next few months, and wonder what your experience was like.

Did you have general anesthesia?

How invasive was it?

How was the recovery? How did your arm feel in the days afterward as a result of being operated on?

How did it affect you ability to drive? (I'm assuming you drive, please ignore if you don't.)

Did you need to wear a splint for weeks afterward, like what's mentioned here?

You said it "did help" -- are you saying that it did not completely make the numbness an/or weakness go away? I take it that you're implying that it was worth doing even if it entirely relieve the symptoms -- is that true?

I have PD, and have been assuming that the numbness in my small and right hand weakness were a symptom of PD because I've seen somewhere that those are possible symptoms. At my neurologist visit, he said that they could be caused by a pinched Ulnar nerve. I'll have an electrical test for that in mid-Jan. It seems likely to be an Ulnar problem.


I have PD on my entire left side (8 years) and a moderate case of carpel tunnel in my right hand. It was worse when I worked full time - a lot of typing at the computer - but I'm on SS disability now and do not work. The two are not related IMHO, but it seems that if you do a lot of repetitive work like typing it seems to be inevitable.


My carpal tunnel started when I was pregnant with my son 20 yrs. ago, prior to PD. I have not wanted to have surgery because I know that I develoop a lot of scar tissue. Mine is worse if I have fluid retention and when I work a lot in my yard. I drop things a lot due to loss of sensation in my hands. Mine is worse on my left hand, my PD is also worse in the left.

I take motrin when it is worse. I wear braces at night, there are also times that I have to wear them during the day. I generally sleep on my side and keep pillows on either side of me to prop my hands up during the night.


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