Pain and Parkinsons

I am experiencing pain in my back, hips and both legs. This is severe at times and causes me problems when bending, when I have been sitting for a while, and is especially painful in my knee. This is something new for me and I don't know if it is related to Parkinsons or if it could be from arthritis. Does anyone have a similar problem? If so have any complementary therapies, for example the Bowen technique. helped?

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  • Pain is the biggest problem that I have to deal with. I'm having a lot of trouble with my knee also. A doctor said it was arthritis. I think it may be, but I think it also has to do with the way I walk stand,etc. Advil helps a little with the pain. I spend most of my time in a wheelchair.

    I have been having Bowen Therapy treatments for almost a year They do help with the pain, but the relief is short lived. i think it depends on how long you've had PD and what you symptoms are too. Hope this helps Blessings.

  • Sue, I have similar problems, do blame PD, but I'm sorry I can't offer any worhwhile advice.

    Will wait, with interest, for replies to your question.

  • I get pain when using thigh muscles to stand, climb stairs or get out of the car. Its only the sort of pain a non PD person gets if his muscles are stiff following unusual amounts of exercise.

    I quite often find I have a better day if I take a couple paracetomol. Just in the morning, later on I've got going and don't feel quite so stiff anyway.

  • ny answer has gone to the ether!1

    i will email you!

    lol JIll


  • i have psp and arthritis (osteo)

    The pain inmy bacK and neck ar epretty bad after sleepign (or not)buT PARACETAMOL sually works - i take them a si need them.{and glucosamineand condroitin for the arthritis }

    my right knee is also giving me some gip as i always fall right on it jus t give s on me(worse in damp weather)


    BUT i learn to live with it and try and keep as activ ea spossible

    lol JIll


  • Morning Sue,

    Pain is a pain!! My symptoms match yours. As my PD is still left-side I've got used to this. I think it's due to the tremor & freezing. My left foot 'claws' ie the toes curl under, the foot, ankle, knee & hip follow then uo the shoulder, elbow, wrist & hand. My neck & head are now also affected. I think the pain Peter is describing is very accurate & is known as lactic burn. Since all the above + more stop me doing much exercise it is probably the effect of cell-level processes. I googled Krebs Cycle & found a fun simple explanation 'Animation: How the Krebs Cycle Works'. Apologies for the technical stuff I used to teach Biology to 'A' level ...many years ago. It doesn't help the pain but at least it helps to understand a little.

    Re what to do: well I've tried a fair number of treatments & therapies as you know.

    acupuncture (brilliant for me), hypnotherapy (brilliant for me), physio, hydro, Yoga, Tai Chi etc etc. It seems to me that as PD is not logical & it's effects are unique to each individual we will always be in this frustrating situation of one thing working for one person etc etc.

    My main concern is pain management (lack of) leading to issues of dignity (lack of) leading to my wanting to swop a body transplant for a younger human model to that of a dog or cat so that I can be treated with the same level of respect.

    On a brighter note I'm about to take the Apo-go challenge with a view to addressing the above as recommended & supported by my PD nurse & consultant, both of whom deserve medals for patience, tolerance & bravery!!


  • You sound exactly like me except I have found there is a relationship with taking sininmet, vegas nerve and eating that sets off my left mainly dystonia, right foot curls too. Non of the doctors I have seen, and there have been heaps, seem to want to involve themselves of even the possibiltiy of GI track being involved with PD or Dyonia

  • Good Morning Angela

    This pain is yet another new symptom for me so I was hoping that I would not get any answers to my question! However, as so many people have responded, it looks as though it is Parkinson related and will be yet another thing to be added to my list for the Consultant. She must think not her again when she sees my name on her list.

    What next I ask myself?

    I have not heard of Apo-go so will google this, but like you I am lucky to have such a wonderful Consultant and Parkinsons nurses. Unfortunately, we just seem to get one thing sorted before another makes an appearance. I am thinking of trying the Bowen therapy as I had this before Parkinsons arrived and it was good.

    Thanks for responding. Where the dickens is that CURE?


  • I get pain and stiffness in the same areas. Stretching these muscles out and rolling them out a couple of times a day does help some. Keeoing active tends to minimize it, but not alwaysand when you are hurting in these areas it can be difficult toforce yourself to stay active. I have also found thata chiropractor can help by relieving the pressues building up in key spots that create extra tension/stiffness.

  • I also get pain in the backs of my knees and sometimes straight up my left leg like a pinched nerve.. my PD side seems to be affected more..

  • Thanks I was starting to think I was crazy getting pain in the backs of my knees.

  • My Parkinson's symptoms appear on my left side. I often have pain at level 8 on a scale from 0 to 10. The pain is mainly in the back of my left leg (hamstring muscles) and where you sit (glute muscles). My neurologist said it is known as piriformis syndrome. There are numerous web sites showing the exact muscles affected. PT helps some. Look on YouTube for videos of exercises that help. Sinemet helps some. Gabapentin takes the edge off the pain and helps me sleep. Hyland's Leg Cramps PM from my local supplements store helps too. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil rubbed on works amazingly well; simply rub it on the area, and in less then 10 minutes the pain is totally gone (wow, one great product). I think my TENS Unit does the best job of relieving pain without any side effects. Sleeping pills is my last resort, but works really well.

    This may not be of any help if you have arthritis, but the magnesium oil and TENS Unit should help.

  • I have had all the same issues as you are having! I started the LSVT BIG Physical Therapy! Research it on line if uou dont know about it. Is really helping me! I don't know what The Bowen Threapy is. My PT said never to use a TENS unit!! Unless its a profressional doing it! Check with your Neuro always first! Hope this helps! Praying your pain gets better.



  • Thank you all for responding to my question. This is my second attempt at replying. The first went up in smoke!! I will take everything on board. Where would we be without each other?

  • Nowhere, Sue, nowhere,

    Keep posting,


  • I have had the same problems one year ago, and I'm not free from pain - but very reduced comparing to last year. I do Yoga, a bit of LSVT - and swimming in hot water. I think my pain comes from walking and standing incorrect because of PD. Good luck

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