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SELF MEDICATING is anyone in the UK self medicating ??

I have read that most PD with DDS are being told what I was told on frfiday .IF YOU DON'T AS I ASK . I WILL DISCHARGE YOU then you can self medicate I can't stop you , I want no part. it will kill you

I want live now not be kept alive . Self medicating was ment as a threat . I don't see it like that .Not sure how to go about it . ???

yours EXPORT.

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Perhaps I am a bit mentally slow this morning, but I did not understand your post

Re DDS? self medicating can you repost it clearer please. thanks


oldtyke DDS dopamine disregulation syndrome please Google it before replying. EXPORT


I don't see how you can obtain Levodopa without prescription.


you can't ( see above ) what it means is I will ask G P for what I want.. just like I h\ave always done. . At one time I was taking 40 x 125mg a day no one ever question it,


yours EXPORT .


As far as I'm aware there are many different dopaminergic treatments aside from Levodopa. I read here that surgery is also an option -

No doctor would advocate self-medicating, so maybe you could discuss the alternatives that have a similar effect if your doctor won't prescribe exactly what you want.


J-Nevil please tell me more about the alternatives . Hope your not being sarcastic. As I don't know of any .I await your reply EXPORT.


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