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I have no words to express the benefits I have personally derived from the practice of yoga. Yoga has nothing to do with religion. Yoga is a scientific, systematic approach to enriching human life.Yoga is a science and not vague dreamy drifting or imaging. It is an applied science, a systematized collection of laws applied to bring about a definite end. It takes up the laws of psychology applicable to unfolding of a whole consciouness of man on every plane, in every world and applies those rationally in a particular case.

Yoga is a complete message for humanity and to the human body,mind and soul.

Yoga is also excellence in work and an undying spirit to reach excellence. I hope you agree with me that if we ourselves lack wellness we won’t be able to help others. And hence our primary responsibility is to our wellness.

Research shows that regular practice of yoga assanas builds and maintains the bodys health and enables the body to control the secretion of harmones, thereby also enabling rening –in of desires .you can carry on with your usual muscular excercises alongside yoga but they must precede yoga assanas.Most asanas should be followed by shavasana (relaxation) .Do only as much as you can so that it leaves you refreshed and not exhausted.

Many people don’t opt for yoga because it seems they don’t want to be cured,what they want is immediate relief,curing is painful because they have to work fo it.Yoga also operates on the principle that pursuit of happiness common to man is not merely mundane it helps to generate this feeling of fulfillment and happiness at the root and to make it permanent.Initially I used to believe I was too busy to find time to practice yoga.Iam now certain that the opposite is true I do not have time not to practice yoga

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  • Ronald what type of yoga do you practise?

  • I practice Hatha yoga We the first batch of pd patients in Mumbai who were trained for yoga at the Iyengar Institue Asana is a posture and there are asmany postures as living beings in the world To attain the benefit one has to decide which asnasa has to be specially done by PD patient and more important as how to do them

  • Ronald Thanks for your response. Where can I find out more about this? Tony

  • Tony you could contact the following

    Dr Rajvi H Mehta

    Phone (022) 24948416





  • Many Thanks Ronald.

  • I find hatha yoga is better as you age unless you were always supple. I came away from my yoga class with a bruise down my leg last week from over stretching on a chair doing ivengar yoga. Hatha is good because it is calmer with more breathing and relaxation as well as some stretching.

    I agree a little yoga everyday is essential!

  • I started attending a yoga for men class a few weeks ago ... the hatha variety...and find it very helpful. I need to do more at home but at least I have some basic poses to work on ... the downward dog still is a killer though ;o)

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