For Long periods I have the most terrible nightmares, sometimes every night for 2-3 weeks, then for a while I have a break. Then it starts again. And the Dreams are very violent and grotesque. Sometimes with just the feeling of evil in my surroundings, sometimes the most bloody killings. I use Requip depot, 8 mg in the morning, 2x4 mg in the evening. Does any of you experience the same?

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  • Good Morning from Florida, My nightmares were so bad I have to sleep alone as I even punched my wife,all part of this great illness.



  • My problem is that I don't remember my dreams at all. During my sleep I have hit my wife ,falling off the bed ,gotten into imaginary fights ....lucky that my wife hasn't kicked me out of the bed.My wife sees a sleep doctor and she told him of my symptoms and he agreed it was part of PD

  • I don't have nightmares, but a lot of weird, vivid dreams. My neuro says it is from the medications.

  • My neurologist put me on one-half of a 15 mg. Mirtazapine at bedtime. My nightmares were so severe, they continued as I awoke as fill blown hallucinations, Most were almost too hideous to even discuss with my doc . Not a single nightmare since I began this medication. Good luck.


  • Thank you so much, driller, billw91 and JennyR. Obviously I should do something With this, and not just Accept it. I will talk to my neurologist. And I searched the Word Nightmare here at the Forum and found a long thread from People having the same problem.

  • I have vivid dreams, but they are usually pleasant and I am happy. What I can't stand is not sleeping like last night. Took my klonopin. but I'm extremely constipated and nothing relieved the discomfort. Slept 2 hours watching a movie. Don't know how I'll get through the day.

  • point is sometimes a good night's sleep helps move things along, if you know what I mean!

  • My gran finds eating licorice can help with her constipation, if you take near bedtime it can cause palpitations as it also raises the blood pressure.

  • well, first of all for the constipation, i eat about 8 dried prunes after supper. no ,ore constipation. every morning like clock work.. i do have dreams, but not nightmares.

    they are usually fun. all i take for parkinson's is carb-levo-dopa. and it seems to be working well. so far. i used to have wicked, nasty, nightmares. until i was diagnosed with PD.

    and now those too have left. to the pleasant dreams. so i usually wake -up in a good mood. try the prunes, or dried apricots. if you have trouble swallowing , it comes in a juice form.

  • Hi All,,

    My Hubby has very realistic dreams and unfortunately he does tend to live them out upon me with the kicking and punching. But he was like this before he took meds although looking back it does correspond with the time he started to go down hill before the diagnosis but I am convinced it is still the PD and its ways that does it. However it does not take away the physical pain I sometimes endure. We have bought a bigger bed in the hope there is a little more room for me to escape but it is not working so we may have to resort to single beds. It gets you one way or another this PD.... Stay well all... Linda

  • Hello

    My partner used to have terrible nightmares, some so bad that he would leave the house in terror. We used homeopathic remedies and this stopped very fast.

    The remedies we used were Stramonium and Belladonna - the latter for 'being driven out of bed'. Everyone is different, and I would strongly recommend that you find yourself a good homeopath for advice about the best remedy for you, and potencies to take. You may even find relief with some other problems. Some people even get relief from rigidity.

    Good luck!


  • A psychotherapy session may help. It sounds like a psychological problem.

  • Thank you so much for all Your answers. I have been in contact With my neurologist and he recommended me to move the Requip Depot from the evening to the mornings. I have started slowly to do this by moving 4mg this week, and 4 mg NeXT week. So far my Nights have been so much better both regarding nightmares and sleep. I cross my fingers and hope.

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