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recentely i have been suffering with pain in my hands and feet they are severe and wake me up one of my gp s says that its my age my pd nurse reckons it is because of the parkinsons ive also bee n told its arthritis i feel ill most mornings is it the disease or the meds,i cant sleep pd or meds? so how can we sort out what causes what ? theres a load of other things that happen as well so what do we pin the blame on pd age wear & tear or meds i love my golf today for the first time i had to pack in halfway round i was playing so badly i just couldnt get it together i feel that this is the downward slope & i know for a fact that this bloody annoying debilitating disease is definitely to blame . then again theres always next sunday

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It seems with this complaint one can never get any body to confirm one or the other.

I told my neurologist about the pain in the limbs, stiffness.

Thats probably Arthritis he said. go to your GP. I did he says it's the PD.

you go home and just carry on.


Been there and done that with my husband. Movement Specialist says it isn't PD causing the pain and go to PCP. PCP says it's not arthritis so go back to Movement Specialist. This is just so frustrating that you can't seem to get any answers from either doctor. Bet if they suffered the pain they would certainly find out what's causing it. Let them walk a day in our shoes and see what they feel like!


Pain in the hands and feet can be peripheral neuropathy and can be treated several ways. It is well known that PD patients have many deficiencies besides a dopamine deficiency. The most effective vitamin and mineral for PN are B12 in the form of methylcobalamin and magnesium. Methylcobalamin is used for diabetic neuopathy in large doses. PD patients often have a deficiency of B12 and regretfully doctors give them cyanocobalamin (standard B12) which is derived from charcoal and before being used, the body must get rid of the cyanide in the chemical matrix. Methylcobalamin has been used to treat Bell's Palsy up to 60 mg and it can be purchased at 5,000 mcg or 5mg. There would be no antagonism with other treatments but there might be with magnesium. It is a powerful mineral and is good for every neurological condition. Taking magnesium in the form of magnesium chloride, magnesium oil, transdermally - on the skin, is most effective because orally taken magnesium is hard to be digested. Magnesium chloride is fine to be taken with water or juice, 5 squirts in glass, but must be taken slowly and incrementally because too much magnesium too soon could lead to diarrhea. This link will help:

I take both methylcobalamin and magnesium every day.

Here is another treatment option you may be interested in (low dose naltrexone):


I can empathsize with you, however, for the past 4 years or so I have been experimenting with Meds, alternative therapies etc. which really upsets the Medical Establishment, because they no longer have"control" over you. I had to figure out for myself that over 10 yrs. ago I was mis-diagnosed! I now have something worse than PD, but probably have PD too, now because of the Meds they prescribed for me...all the more I'll say is "don't trust your specialist to do the right thing ", by you. Do your own research on the net, yourself, your, read, read! And don't trust the government to regulate the large chemical companies to "do the right thing", eat mainly green leafy vegetables, fresh organic food, drink alcohol sparingly, and don't eat sugar or any artificial sweetners. Good Luck. I hope you feel better soon.


I agree with above posts, plus I have discovered after a few trips to the ER that PD grabs any pain or injury, such as torn meniscus, torn rotator cuff, etc., and RUNS with it. So before I freak out, I take my meds, eat a snack, take an advil or two, breathe. And smile~

Don't give up.


Hi Daveyno9

I saw this on another forum and wondered if it describes your pain but then again perhaps you havent tried dancing in high heels!

The person wrote "I get pain in my hands and feet, its like Ive had high heels on and been dancing all night. Every little bone in hands and feet hurt"

I reckon its Parkinsons pain, sorry to hear you are having a rough time, hope you made it to the 19th hole on Sunday!.


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