Parkinson's Movement
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Parkinson's tremor

This may have been addressed before but I'm new to the site. One of the ways that I've learned to minimize my tremor between doses is to slowly move my finger on the hand that is tremoring back and forth or in a circle on my leg, chair arm, or just about anywhere. As most of you know a tremor is nonexistent or significantly minimized when you're walking or moving. I suspect this is basically a similar action. I am guessing that by pressing lightly with the finger or fingers of the tremor hand it interrupts the signal or lack of signal that leads to tremor. So here's my question. Has anybody else tried this technique? Has anybody heard of a device that can be worn on the or anywhere that will gently stimulate the nerve endings thereby interrupting the tremor? If not, does anybody know an engineer who might be interested in pursuing this as an option?



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the nearest i have seen to this is a Tens unit. i first saw it inthe USA,but it is available here


Thank you. I'll try it.


You have a resting tremor. It is present when your fingers or arms or legs are not being used and dissappears when used. Very common. I haven't heard about the device you mentioned.


The technique works for me also. I find using a squeeze ball settles the tremor; also rubbing the fingers on woven fabric is effective. The device you suggest would be great!


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