Car accident 7 months after having successful DBS surgery

I had a very successful DBS surgery in June, 2012. It really improved my mobility and quality of life. Then on January 16 a SUV pulled out in front of our 1997 GEO Metro. My wife was going 35mph. The collision totaled our GEO. the SUV was cited. We both were checked out and released from the ER. My DBS hardware was ok. However, a out a week after the accident some of my symptoms returned Including cognitive problems. I'm seeing Dr. Jill in Albuquerque tomorrow to find out what's going. Anyone encounter an accident after DBS?

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  • Blessings...and best of luck....let us know what the doc says...

  • I feel sure the delayed of shock of it all has something to do with it

    my best wishes

  • With PD you can have a delaied reaction to the stressors in your life. I am sure everything will be alright. Hang in there.

  • I haven't had dbs but I was driving my Cadillac CTS in October 2012 and a women came flying out of a parking lot and t boned my car totalling it. I had a fractured rib from my sealtbelt and a huge contussion on my left arm from the side airbag but it totally progessed my PD. My meds use to last 6 hours - now they wear off in 3 hours.

  • Whiplash may have caused damage to your neck vertebrae, I would highly recommend visiting a chiropractor ( we have found a good one who specializes in the Palmer Method).

  • Has the accident in any way required you to modifiy your daily living habits? (Exercise, etc)?

    Best wishes,


    Bisbee, AZ

  • does anybody have any idea how much does DBS cost?

  • good luck Gods blessings upn you

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