Neurology Now Magazine

If you have Parkinson's or any other neurological condition, you are entitled to a free subscription to NeurologyNow magazine.

Just access their web site:

and fill out the subscription form. The December/January issue had three articles about Parkinson's. It is a very informative magazine and one you all should receive.


Blessings, Jenny

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  • Thank you for the tip. Blessings right back to you

  • Thankyou....this is of great interest and help!

  • This is NOT available to anyone outside the UK - unless one of you kind US citizens adds my name and email address to the bottom of their free subscription

    Any offers?

  • I should have said US

  • Thank you for the information! The magazine is also free to family members and caregivers.

    For those of you who live outside the US, past issues are available to read on the website.

  • We have it, they have great articles about any neurological diseases

  • they are going to photograph our dance class for pwp's , stay tuned! :D

  • Thanks!!!


    Bisbee, AZ



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