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Huh? What? Could you repeat that?

Some days I feel everyone around me is going deaf. I am obviously speaking loud enough... almost shouting it seems...yet people are not hearing me. I realize that by the end of the day my voice might be a "little" softer but I shouldn't have to repeat myself. Frankly it is getting a tad annoying.

Or maybe it is just my friend PD contributing to a softer, lower sound. The answer I suspect is to try the voice exercises I read about... making lots of sounds. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH but only in the privacy of the car.

Anyone else surrounded by PGD's (People Going Deaf)?

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yes - i do have the same problem - compounded by the fact that i always had a rather loud voice !!


Me, too. I never had a loud voice but some days it is a real effort to get enough volume in my speech. Other days it seems much better. Not sure why it is different but that is PD for you, never predictable.


Everyone around me is deaf. I just about quit talking altogether, until I was diagnosed and then I stopped getting my feelings hurt and, when I think it's important enough, I breathe deeply and get my strong voice going--that is unless it's shot for the time being. Having spoken to groups (large and small), led discussions, acted on stage, read for the blind, etc. etc., I've found this hard to deal with, but I'm handling it better now. And, in fact, many of my relatives and friends do have significant hearing losses--that coupled with my voice loss makes for some conversations with funny misunderstandings, and some not so funny. Oh well, ain't we got fun.


Yes, I have that problem as well. It is a bother to my wife who cannot hear what I am saying. :(


I hope you are all joking! Have a look at these clips..

(A patient)

(An ‘expert’)


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