How many of you out there also has had asthma which is being treated by long term use of corticosteroidal inhalants?

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's 11 years ago. But I was born with the asthma which runs heavily in each generations of my father's side of the family. I have been on inhalants for almost 40 years. I'm just wondering if there's a connection between that and the development of Parkinson's

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  • I have a history of allergy induced asthma, have used rescue inhalers for many years. I do not know if there is a connection between the two. It seems that more and more they thinking PD may be an autoimmune disease. Allergies, diabetes, arthritis, etc. are all autoimmune diseases.

  • Why there is still a lot of unknowns about PD the research is taking us to thinking more about genetics and predisposition verses a carrier trait passed on. What is known is that external environmental factors like chemical exposure has been shown to play a role which can damage or change DNA and what ultimately changes the function cells. I too have a long history of asthma

  • Thanks for your responseses,, Mistydog and Suzie - I agree with both of you . My concern, albeit too late, is the damage done by the asthma medications all these years. I think all these years of toxic drugs and eating bad foods in order to ease our lives in general to handle life in general has taken a toll in the long run. Sooner or later, we are going to come down with reactionary illnesses that are not pleasant to live with - especially since now we are expected to live longer. My goal now is not necessarily to live longer, but to feel better. So, conccentration is now on undoing damages, and putting safe substances back into my body. The most I have done so far is at least take in mucuna - to substitute for sinemet. And hopefully eating healthy and exercise can help with all of the above. I think it's wiser to try to research adn heal the whole body as opposed to taking wild shots and stabs with a big P sitting on top of our heads. i came to this conclusion by reading blogs about people taking coconut oil...whether it helps w/ Parkinson's symptoms or not - generally giving up on things when symptoms are not immediately alleviated. I've been taking it for months and lab results showed that HDL doubled - from 34 to 70. Wow - that's good for everything - even tho immediate park's symptoms are unchanged. Long term results will be good. Sorry, I'm going on off on a tangent again!!

  • I'm looking for answers too to questions that ultimately affect whole body, not just one body part.

  • It's easier, too, right PatV? It's mind boggling to piece everything together with whats good whats not, what's real, what's quakery...etc. etc. et.c You need a degree in what- phd in antiBS?? ha ha ha. I'm cracking myself up........HUMOR - that's gotta be good...

  • I, on the other hand was the ultimate "health nut"! No one could believe it when I was diagnosed, though I was going through a horrific divorce with a man who's goal was to destroy me for the things I had found out about him!

    I may have been predisposed to PD, but I believe the stress of the situation brought it on....

  • Doesn't seem fair that health conscious people who took care of themselves would come down with something so terrible - but I guess it's life. i never smoked or drank or did drugs and ate plenty of vegetables and fruit - but here I am. What upsets me now is the feeling of helplessness when it comes to what the food, pharmaceutical and medical industry puts out there for us ...........toxins and junk - all for the sake of making $$$$ quickly. How do these people sleep at night?

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