Coming to an end

Well my journey to Bali is rapidly coming to an end. I leave to fly home Thursday night(Friday AM). But before I go I have yoga today and tomorrow morning, the final farewell dinner tonight, a trip to see the Channeler and a possible trip (short just two nights) at a place here in Bali called the Villiage Above the Clouds. It is a property way up in the top mountains and it is said to be absolutely breathtaking. I will let you,know if it happens. If I do go Tuesday then I will get to see the school that the owner created for the children of the employees.

This trip has been, in more ways than I can count, a defining moment for me. I have gained in sense of independence coming here again. People still offer to help me and I accept if needed but by venturing out on my own to go shopping and the other things I have done alone or on my own, I have realized that accepting help when offered does not lessen who I am nor am I defined by this disease. I am a strong woman with an increasingly strong sense of who I am and what I can achieve.

Believe in yourselves and do what you can, even if it is not taking a trip to the other side the world. Each of us has it within ourselves to challenge ourselves every day, to reach for the stars and even though we may not catch them, we can at the end of each day, say and know it to be true that we did not allow ourselves to be defined by this disease and the limitations it tries to put on us.

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  • Inspiring words to US all thankyou, although your journey is coming to an end the memories and experiences I believe will stay with you forever xx enjoy the rest of your amazing trip x safe journey home

  • Thanks so much for all of our kind comments, it means a lot to know that you all are reading and responding!!!

  • Thank You! I was beginning to slide faster down that sloap. Reading your post was like a

    B12 shot in the arm. I thank you! ~~~Dennnis with appreciation.

  • i hank you too sadie !!

    you r a star!

    lol JIll


  • I just wanted to thank all of you for the support you have given me through this journey!

  • hello sadie

    can you try and post me some photos please ? If you have lost my email address i will in box it to you -

    love and good wishes for a safe journey home


  • I can try but I am not very computer savvy and I do need your email address.

  • I am so happy you enjoyed your trip and know the great memories will be with you always. I enjoyed seeing Bali through your eyes - it was almost like being there. Have a safe journey home!

  • I'm so happy this was a positive experience for you and that you enjoyed yourself. Thanks again for taking us along (even if it was just in my head ) . Have a safe trip home.

  • so much beauty in the world. thanks for sharing! Glad you could see this for yourself!

  • Thank you.

  • so true there is so much beauty in the world.

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