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A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words

December is picture month at PARKINSON’S MOVEMENT ( Pictures in the sense of still pictures and pictures in the sense of movies, or more accurately video.

Throughout December, we will be posting a series of video interviews with notable scientist-physicians in the field of Parkinson’s. These provide an opportunity for the individuals to give us their thoughts on Parkinson’s, their own research and future. If you want to know what the future holds for us, we need to listen to the scientists now. Their vision is our future. Don’t tell me that doesn’t interest you!

And on the subject of pictures, of a more static variety, don’t forget our photographic competition. Already we have had a good few entries. Please bear in mind the unusual specifics for each entry. So go on, get those cameras out this weekend, and take that picture which will win you the inaugural PARKINSON’S MOVEMENT, photographic prize.

And finally, keep a lookout later on in the month for the PARKINSON’S MOVEMENT Christmas video. I’ll say no more...

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yes great Jon!

keep up the good work



Jon resent some photos according to the rules , I think. Looking fwd to seeing others Pat


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