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Day three

Had the most incredible day today. Could not do yoga, my knee would not allow it but while the others here went white water rafting ( not for me!!!) I had an adventure with Agun, who is the manager of Soulshine, where we are doing the yoga retreat. We went to a jewelry store where they hand make every piece of jewelry. We then went to an gallery where I bought a picture. After that we drove to the incredibly beautiful mountain area of Bali where Agun showed me the Rice Terrace which is paid for by the government. Then we went to buy me a sarong so that I can be properly dressed when we see the Channeler.

I could not have asked for a better day. More tomorrow!!!

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Sound fabulous. x


How lovely. Sorry about your knee. Mine kept me from going to Alexander Technique yesterday :( Better today.


I'm enjoying your visit to Bali. I started reading your blog because I was interested in the yoga and now I've become your stoeaway. I enjoy and get so much out of everyone's blogs. Have fun and enjoy your time in Bali. Thanks for taking us along.


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