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I am going to attempt to go shopping at the market this afternoon before we start yoga. I hope to have someone with me but I need to try because I have to get gifts for people and since Sarah (my daughter) could not come with me then I have to try to do it on my own. Then it is back here by 5:00 today for yoga then at 7:00 we are doing the first group dinner and I hope to get a cooking lesson from the fabulous cooks here at Soulshine on how to make their awesome corn fritters. Then at 8:00 we are going to the full moon purification ceremony. Busy day!!!

I am still trying to find someone to help me figure out how to download/upload pictures.

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hi sadie

a full day indeed!

dont worry about the photos

they will happen!

lol JIll


my Parkie program had a dance yesterday with a great ballroom teacher. So down in dumps I almost didn't go. An hour of anxiety about what to wear, especially shoes, cause I didn't want to carry an extra pair of shoes (mistake!). Of course, I had the best time cause I can dance even tho I walk with a walker :( I even forgot my meds, but almost everyone had an extra sinimet :D

Knees hurt so bad last night, thought I'd never get to sleep. We have days and we have DAYS!


Amen to that!!! Keep it up and don't not do something you may want to do!!! And I think dancing is awesome, I love to dance and believe me, I don't do it very well. So glad you went to the dance!!!!!!!!


Don't we though! :-) I'm greatful for last night it was the first night I slept through. no bathroom break, no pain, yippee.


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