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The first day

So i think I posted this morning and here is the evening post. We are starting the actual yoga tomorrow evening and then we are having a vegan dinner. (We will be eating vegan the entire time we are here). We are going to a birthing center either Tuesday or Wednesday and we are taking a suitcase full of baby clothes for the newborn (a lot of the babies have nothing to go home from the birthing center in).

We re going to the healer this next week also. The healer is an 89 or 90 year old man, well respected by the entire Balinesan society including the royal family. Last time I was in Bali, I saw the healer and it was an amazing experience and what he did for my Parkinson's was amazing!!

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hi sadie

r u ready for the vegan experience??

i hope so

lol Jill



Actually I was here last July and had the vegan experience and I really like, thought I did get tired of tofu by the end of the trip. The cooks, I think they should be called chefs, are awesome!!!!


good for u sadie

enjoy your yoga tomorrow

and love



sounds great-hope you are having fun! vegan and diet and qi gong and yoga will probably get your boy balanced and free of symptoms;-you have to stick at it though! good luck and keep us posted;xx


sounds like heaven. thanks for bringing us on the trip :)


Thanks for coming with me!! The moral support is wonderful and means so much to me!!


Sounds like things are going well so far. Were you able to get out and get your shopping done?


this program seems too be incresdibly beneficial. I wish I could find something here, in USA = probably in states such as Florida and Arizona. All centers do better in the warmer m, and States

D0awever , there is a PD center in Smithtown Long Island more aboiut that tomorrow- A long day - I am making more errors than there are word meanwhile get some sleep so that you can profit from the day}

enjoy the beautyof nature and take the photos to a pharmacy they all offer that service, why risk losing precioius pictures,

all the best....IRON


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