Sleepless in Gartcosh II

Sleepless in Gartcosh II

Good Morning / Evening, dependant on which country you are in.

It's tusday morning here , time 02.53 am , and an outher night with littel sleep, went to bed at around 11.30 pm , tossed and turned for about an hour

body was getting sore and stiff so had to get up , i phoned my PD Nurse ( Jackie) Yesterday and she emaild me a Sleep questionaire , it will be fun filling that out as i can no longer write, goint to attempt to make a cup of tea now .Going to Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Nuclear Medicin Department 0n Friday for yet an outher scan of my Brain.

Take care all you PD's out there



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  • Good luck on Friday Alan. If it is of interest I take Madopar 125 Controlled Release and Mirtazapine at night and I sleep well. Hope this helps. Tony

  • Thanks Tony,

    I'll ask my doc about that, not sleeping is doing my head in, altough i feel tierd i just can't sleep


  • Hi alan

    sorry u r having problsm sleeping - io have PSP and am having major problems ge4tign a ngiht's s'eleep

    am taking a small dosemof TRAZ\ADONE at ngiht btu not any benefit so far......]


  • Hi Jill,

    Nice to here from you, Dr has prescribed me Zopicione 7.5mg, took on last night and i have to say , sleept all night first time i have sleept right through the night for some time



  • Best of luck to you. My dr. has me take 150mg Trazadone at bedtime and most nights I sleep right through until morning. Are you on any sleep med to help you?

  • Hi Therse,

    Dr gave me some sleeping tabs, however not working, its 04.55 am and an outher sleep less night , going for yet anouther brain scan later today , at least i might get some rest then, never mind it could be worse,


    Al, ps how you doinn ?

  • Hi Ak, not doing so good right now. Just had an MRI of my spine this am.

    falling down alot, memory not very good and in alot of back pain stillTherese

  • Been for a Datscan today , all bloddy day in hospital ,hope to get results befor santa arrives haha

  • Up at 4AM here in North Dakota, USA.....blowing and cold outside, 20 deg and a 20 mile an hour wind....should have a good walk today!!!! I had to get up, charlie horse in the buttocks, or pain in the a&&!!! I take Soma for a muscle relaxer but I think I need something stronger. Waking up because of pain or not going to sleep at all? but life goes on...and I will go for that walk if the sun ever comes up?!!

  • Hi,

    Your never alone with PD, its raining very hard now here in Glasgow , however we all have sunshine in our hearts

    take care

    Have a good walk



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