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Body Clock not working any more 1 hrs sleep

Looking like 4am is my new wake up time even on the weekend ,Even thought i have only had 1hrs sleep ,yesterday i was listening to my ipod at this time , unbeknowing to me i was singing along with some of the tunes<LA was not impressed as she was trying to sleep , so this morning ill do the same but in the conservatory , Ah the joy's of Parkinson's .Right leg now starting to shake , i must look like a nutter now , some times the head goes as well never mind , soon be meds at 8am

Could do with acup of tea but my legs are shaking and i cant trust my self not to fall and wake up the rest of the house,

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morning alsh59

glad u can join me been up all night 2 night on the trot not funny now lol i get the shaky leg its called restless leg syndrom or rls for short im floppy by the way nice to meet you .im from yorkshire dx o8 xmas eve thats one not to forget how about you?



Iam getting there, just been dx this month , was beeing treated for a stroke befor i saw some one who knew what i had , life is ok just know, i wont let this beat me




Welcome to my world. Restless sleep or no sleep seems to be the National PD Pastime.


My husband has PD and sleep is somewhat of a problem for him too. The one thing I would say to the gentleman who is listinimg to his iPod, is that brain wave test during sleep show that if you are trying to sleep with noise in the background your brain is still actively working. For your brain to rest, which also promotes dopamine, you need a quiet, dark surroundings in order to reach REM sleep. 4:00 am seems to be our time too - once my husband awakes so do I, and then the dog and then our parrot. Try quiet and dark! :)


4 AM sounds familiar unless my yelling wakes me up first. I have REM problems also. Bad dreams not often but scary!


If you have seen this on another blog then I apologise for repeating myself but i had RLS for 7 months last year. Consultant started me on Meriplexin and have slept through the night since. Aaaaaaaaaaah, bliss


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