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My daughter has ADHD, I adopted her, she was a drug baby. Many of the cognitive losses I have had are similar to the losses she has with ADHD, she has very little recall before she takes her medication, much better with medication.

I am just wondering if anyone knows of studies that may have correlated the cognitive losses of PD in relation to those with ADHD? I have considered my own experiment with it, but have not because I don't know how it might interact with my PD meds.

Has anyone with PD and an ADHD child seen a similar correlation?

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Susie01 - Is this what you are looking for

I'm not sure if it is?/


Thanks for the artical. It dealt more with the depression/anxiety/mental disorders.

What I am looking for is more related to the cognitive changes with PD being similar to the cognitive difficulties related to ADHD. I have seen the night and day difference in my daughter with her ADHD medication and have wondered if it might have the same affect on the cognitive changes that occur in PD.

The loss of cognitive function has been one of the most difficult features of PD for me to deal with.


I'm a foster carer and many children that come into care have the symptoms of ADHD. In Scotland there is a dedicated doctor for 'Looked After Children' who will be very experienced with the related meds. Have you thought of tracking a similar doctor near to yourself who may be able to point you in the right direction?


To my knowledge, we are not so fortunate fo have such a doctor. My daughter's medication is prescribed by her pediatrician. He has nine children, six are adopted and he has three with ADHD, so knows a lot from personal experience with his own children. PD would not be in his scope of traning, I have done some web searches and not found much discussion of any correlation between the two. Thanks for your input.


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