Sleepless in Gartcosh

?4 am friday, looking like my body clock is out of sync, went to bed at 11pm last night got to sleep about 1am , if some one had told me about all this crap befor i would not have signed up for this Parkinson's lark.

i know iam am going on about it , but as they say its good to talk,

shaking started as soon as i woke up , tryed to make a cup of tea that was a laugh, spilt the boliling water over the floor , droped the milk , so might have to go out and nick a pint, if i could only walk with out falling, got this wee card i have to carry to let the peeps know iam not drunk, still better to be half full than half empty.

more later on my journey wit PD

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  • Wish I could join you for that pint.

  • hi al its me again - i wonder why it is that one can go to bed so tired and then not sleep ?

  • sasha,

    I wondered the same thing before I first saw my doctor about my sleep trouble ~15 years ago. At least one explanation was that the physiology of sleep involved a certain chemical attaching itself in enough quantity to certain receptors in the brain. Once I got enough that chemical via prescription med, I could get to sleep quickly and sleep well.

  • Ahhhh!

    Almost my night/morning! Finally fell asleep around 5:00 am. First spilled my cereal in my lap and on to the floor, I am not a coffee drinker, but after pouring a glass of diet coke, somehow knocked over the glass and onto the floor. Since I cannot bend over without loosing my balance, my daughter had to clean it up for me...She fails to see the humor in this!

    Sasha, what medication helped you with sleep? I have tried several and I still cannot sleep. About the only one that did help was Ambien but I had amnesia with it, or was it amnesia from the PD???? Who knows!

  • Isn't it maddening, you get amnesia and can't remember what caused it!!

  • LOL!

  • Its Friday night now around 21.30hrs starting to wonder if i will sleep tonight, i went to my GP and he prescribed some sleeping pills , but hell iam on so many meds at the moment i feel my body will give in , so not going to take them

  • Looking like 4am is my new wake up time even on the weekend , yesterday i was listening to my ipod at this time , unbeknowing to me i was singing along with some of the tunes< LA was not impressed as she was trying to sleep , so this morning ill do the same but in the conservatory , Ah the joy's of Parkinson's .Right leg now starting to shake , i must look like a nutter now , some times the head goes as well never mind , soon be meds at 8am

  • I guess I am lucky - 10 minutes of TV in the evening and I am nodding off. Unless it is football (UK or US variety), of course. I can't manage more than 5 or 6 hours in bed so I need the dozing to keep up a reasonable amount of sleep.

    Do others find it uncomfortable in bed? I have arthritis in the lower back which is painful. I have an adjustable bed and sleep on my back with the head raised about 2 feet and I find that most comfortable.

    Until our 2 year old Teddy Bear (a Tibetan Terrier called Muffin) decides it is time I was up and jumps on me!

  • Hi Jupeter,

    As i live in Glasgow i have lots of fun stuff to enlighten us all with, just because we have PD does not mean we are aliens, was dx on the 3/11/11 was being treated for a stroke for the past 3 mts ( Glasgow Royal ) any way i now know what the prob is so onward and upward as they say, i have fallin in many a garden over the past few mts , should see the look an the peoples faces when i pick my self up (if i can) dust my self down and get on with it.

    i will not let this beat me



    Hope you are well

  • Been a bit of a mixed weekend so far. I was so shaky on Friday night I had to crawl upstairs to bed. Felt fine Today. Went to the pub for a wee while. One of the guys there admitted that he thought I was an alcoholic because he had seen me shaking before. I think he was a bit embarrassed when I told him it was Parkinsons. have been very sick and lost my dinner and so shaky Laraine has had to type this for me. Going to bed early.

    Hope i can sleep if not well ill be back on here to tell you about it

  • Al, I am OK, thanks. Bit concerned about your continued sickness, though. I didn't think it was a symptom of PD, merely the effect of meds before the body gets used to them. When I started on Ropinirole, I felt sick but it went away after a day or so. Similarly when I first took Codeine for back pain, I found the standard 2 tab dose caused nausea - but not any more. Have you discussed this with a PD nurse or PD consultant?

  • Hi Bud,

    still felling sick although i have given up my dinner to the big china bowl under the stairs, getting used to it now , not as bad now i expect it, by the way i have lost 2 stone in weight over the last 3 mts, ive been 13 .5 st for over 30 yrs now 11.5 st , last time i was this weigt i was in school, listen i dont care any more as i said i wont let lhis beet me , hope i can get a couple of hrs kip tonight,if not i will be ranting on this site around 4am.

    sorry to burden you with this crap , but as they say its good to talk

    take care


  • Al, I talked to my PD nurse the other day and she asked about weight loss, said it was something to watch out for. Typical, I can't remember why it was important but it is something to mention to your PD nurse or consultant.

    Incidentally, the Parkinsons Society Website has information on diet and dealing with weight loss.

    Lots of useful info on that site.

  • Still Sleepless in Gartcosh,

    Its Now Feb 2012, and still no closer to the holy grale of sleep

    wonder what a good nights sleep would feel like, any one out there can enlighten me?


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