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Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), good, bad or useless?

I know it has been asked before but has anyone got experiences with LDN (Low dose naltrexone)?

I know it's a controversial subject but I would like to try to take LDN and see if I can titrate down the amount of stalevo I need. I currently take Stalevo (3x125 + 5x100), Azilect and Amantadine (3x100mg capsules) daily. I've only had PD diagnosed for three years (Now 47 then 44) and have been rattling through the meds - Dopamine Agonists really didn't agree with me (I tried every one) I put on 20kg (lost it now), breathing problems and ended up in hospital. I know DBS is down the line but I'd like to try all non-surgical avenues first

There appear to be no interactions with current meds or significant side effects. It seems worth a try. I am aware I may need to pay for it as it may not be approved for this use but would need a prescription to obtain it.

What do you think?



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I've been taking LDN close to one year. I have cut my meds from 10 1/2 requip to 3 1/2......1 azilect to 0 and still taking 3 sinemet 25/100. I plan on titrating off my requip and 1/2 my sinemet while adding mucuna pruriens. I would eventually like to take ( ONLY) LDN and MP.

I felt relief from taking LDN immediately.....I could sleep in in the morning and the rigidity of my back muscles decreased to practically pain free. I know it as halted my progression and I will not stop taking it. Read the book "The Promise of Low Dose Naltrexone" for more info. I think it is a miracle drug.


I've wanted to try LDN for a long time, but my Neurologist won't give me a prescription. A person that is a member of this site posted some information about it. Your information was very encouraging. I was going to ask my GP but she retired. Did you have any problem getting a prescription? Below is some of the information she shared about LDN. Her user name is Annh

I have seen it and spoken with PD patients who have recovered, even after 10 and 15 years since their diagnosis. LDN is a very well kept secret in the Parkinson's community, I am excited to find someone on this site who is on it. I will say , however that it can take time to "kick in". Some people feel the benefit after one month but the truth is most people can take up to a year to feel anything. It requires patience and the correct doseage...4.5mg or 5mg, taken at 10.00pm at night for optimum results. For those of you who would like to know more about LDN, I will be brief and outline the benefits.

1. LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) works as a symptom control when you first start taking it, and then after a couple of years it can actually start to reverse the PD symptoms.

2. It is well tolerated, has no side effects (low dose), and has been FDA approved for years as a therapy for heroin addicts (at a much higher dose).

3. It has an amazing effect on the immune system, which is very important in combating PD.

4. Concentration, focus and smoother movements, including walking and "grip" have been reported.

5. The cost for LDN is approx 35 dollars for 1 month's supply.


I had to find a Dr. to prescribe neurologist didn't want to. I am encouraged about the information on long term results....although I felt good effects almost immediately. Try finding a naturopathic Dr. or someone in holistic medicine . Good Luck and I think it is worth pursuing.


Thanks for the encouragement. I'll try a Naturopath.


You can get LDN prescriptions online. Try


Are you still on LDN? Thanks, Tom. 10, 2017



Please see answer above to your question.


no, didn't. i tried

Apomorphine. which worked well at giving me psychosia *Paranoid Hallucinations. I've had DBS.which didn't do much besides not being pdsn will do so to do but is controlled by the local consultant. The surgeon won't program and pdsn will do so much as she is able to do but is controlled by the consultant.

Both consultants are good but they cant make me better they are not Gods. i try to go to the gym. I try hard to remain positIve but few options remain. What do i do next


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