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Blessing and a Curse

Having Parkinson's has really helped me improve my relationship with my family and some friends. My father and I have always been close but this has helped me get a long better with my mother and sister. The only problem is they feel that they have to help me with everything which at times is to much. My best friend since the age of 4 has ALS and we laugh and joke about how two people in a very rural area could both have neurological disorders. What isn't funny is the way i'm treated people stare at me or laugh and make smart comments which are very hurtful and there times I want to respond to them but i'm not going to sink to there level but my father and sister will always go and tell them to knock it off and explain my condition to the jerks. I am tired and will finish this tomorrow. I hope you all are safe and have a wonderful evening.

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Wow you have had Parkinsons so long. Thankyou for writing this blog. It is sad to read about how you are sometimes treated but what a caring supportive family you have. I guess you are in the USA. If so wishing you happy thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving to you hope you had a wonderful day.


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