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If you feel you do not have Parkinson, what is the next step?

I firmly believe after much research and having Lymes disease 1st before the Pd, that every one needs a Lyme screen blood test done, this horrid Tick disease mimics Pd, it attacks the weakest part of your system. Mine was my muscles thus much damage then Parkinson. I had Lymes for 6 yrs before it was discovered, I had almost 2 yrs of off n on blood IV infusions of antibotics. 2 hrs per day 4 days a week. Finally the Lymes is gone but the Parkinson entered this all started when I was 45, now I am 55 it has been a been a very long road. All of this info was agreed with by my Neuro at the UW Wisconsin Movement & Disorder clinic, Madison WI. ALSO if you have a diagnosis of PARKINSONISM "ISM " MEANS of an unknown origin, Ins fought paying, when the "ISM" was dropped and I had PARKINSON the insurance paid. Hope is info helps some one, blessing to all! Kadie

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I had Chronic Fatigue before I had PD and once was wrongly diagnosed with Lymes D. I think a lot of the tests for Lyme are incorrect.


I have a doctor who specializes in Lymes and yes the tests can be false, but I m concerned if they though there is a possiblity of having Lymes this is a really bad disease and re testing is the best. Better days ahead for both of us! Kadie


I was tested--negative. I still wonder. I feel overmedicated and I'm in so much pain.


The only way to be sure you have PD is to have a DaT Scan. It is new and costs around $3,000.00. Look it up at. Then DaTScan.....I just attended a seminar/talk on this and it is amazing. It has only been in the U.S. a couple of years and isn't everywhere. We do have one here in Colorado....if you can't find anything on it let me know .

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ALL I know is I had a positive Lymes test and was very ill from it . There are ways of diagnosis Lymes that does not cost that at much the best info I have comes from a Lymes doctor . Dr. B. & Dr. R. recognized the severity of my illness and when from there, This is at a family medicine & Specialty clinic in Wisconson. Kadie


Hi guys I'm not sure if I have Lyme disease but recently like two years from it's going to be two years I've been having fatigue nausea body tremors some parts of my hands hurt like also have panic attacks and Anxiety a little bit of depression but I talk to someone who was suffering from Lyme tshe told me that my symptoms are very very very common what she has and that I should check out this movie called under my skin and really terrified I'm going crazy I don't know if I have it and she also mentioned the doctors do not recognise it as a disease so there's really no test and not all the time will come out on test so I'm not sure what's going on or what to do like it does anybody know about this? Or have any suggestions i have to be in Anxiety body trimmers fog palpitacions head presure at the time losing weight kind of constipated I don't know guys im new to this so can you give me a little bit of advice please I would really really really really appreciate she mention Cronic Lyme disease


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