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Car accident after DBS surgery

I had a very successful DBS surgery in June. Most if my dysekinesia disappeared. The rigidity subsided and I was moving much better. My face no longer had that Parkie look. I still had my meds but not as much. Then came Jan 16, 2013. My wife was driving a 2997 Geo Metro and hit an SUV that pulled out in front of us. We were traveling at 35 and could not stop. I was a passenger. Thank God the air bags worked as I did not suffer any physical injuries. I had Medtronics check the DBS and all was fine. Since the accident many of my pre DBS symptoms are returning. My quality of life is not the same as prior to the accident. Dr. Jill did some minor reprogramming and said the symptoms would go away with time. They continue to increase. I'm open to suggestions.

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