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Has anyone had a Lymes disease problem along with the Parkinson?

I was told by my doctors that I had severe Lymes disease for several years .Causing nerve damage, enter Parkinson stage right.........I had IV Antibotics for almost two yrs and the Lymes is gone, but what a world of PD to exsist with. Yes I have been missing here for awhile , 1st I had problems signing in, then I had Med problems, plus DBS surgery April 2012, I hope you all are doing as well as your Pd allows, Movement is the way to survive this. Find a BIG n Loud PT program in your area, search U tube to watch how well this works.

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i agree KADIE

FINDING an LVST BIG (NAD LOUD) PROGRAMME has imp;roved my balance a lot

lol JIll



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