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A Parky Valentine,


Beyond the Pale of my understanding

I love you with all that’s left of my heart.

Because you know how much I need you.

Nor did you stay because you long-ago agreed to.

But because you know how much I need you.

And if that’s enough for you, it’s got to be enough for me too.

I love you more than I know how to express.

I want so much more than this for you My Only Love

I will rise up to meet you when I can

Because, because I know how much you need me

Mama said you were a good one.

“Stop fishing, Junior, you've caught The Goose there!”

“She who is always obeyed” was also never wrong!!

Thank you Darling It's been Grand!

4 Replies

hi parkei poetg

anogther lovley poem1

lol Jill



Made me cry , wonderful x


Me too!


very lovely. I'm alone and glad of it. If I can't have what you're having, I'll be enough.


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