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Hello Everyone

Hell everyone :-)

Hope you are all having a good weekend, I've had a day off today to see my kids, we had a fun day and boy did they tire me out!! lol It was my first day off since last saturday, work is getting busier and I'm still enjoying it.

Anyway who's gonna be watching the superbowl? They're showing it here in England on the BBC and I'll probably be watching some of it.

Take care all

Love and Hugs

Andy :-)

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no andy i shall not be watching the super bow;

i wnt to the 1st match ofthe season las tnight (rguby leaugue SAINTS) and we lost v heavily to the HUDDERSFIELD GIANTS

A loo of soul seaRCHING to do...

but my partner has enjoyed watchgin MAN CITY V LPOOL TODAY leaivng MAN U at the top fo the table by 9 point

spso he is a happy bunny on htat one but not the SAINTS result

lol JIll




Hi Jill

Only reason I dont post as much is cos of me working so much.

I hope you are doing ok

Take care

Andy xx


Yup Andy I will be watching the Ssuperbowl!



Hi Tony

Hows life in "Chippy" these days?


Life is good in Chippy thanks Andy. How are you doing? Tony


Hi Andy

Glad you are still enjoying work. Just be careful you do not overdo things. Just you take care.



i agree with sue there - take care that you are not overdoing it please - glad that you are still enjoying your work though -

jill i am sorry about the rugby leauge but we have thoroughly enjoyed the rugby union this week end esp the italians beating the french !!!

its a good job no one french visits this site !!


yes sha

u r irght I fthe french were on this site we woudl hav etgo be mor ecareful

3 treatment sof radiogtherapy down and 12 to go for me

i am counting the days!

lol Jill



I bet you are counting the days. Take care!

Hugs, Terri


Hi Andy

Glad you had a good day off but do try to have a rest also. Your job sounds tiring as I know . I worked fulltime this week and was exhausted. As a favour. And I don't have Parky as you know so take care, we were watching 6 nations rugby Pete gets so excited he nearly fell off the sofa.xx


Hi Andy! I watched the halftime of the Super Bowl. Also caught minutes of it because I wanted to watch Elementary an American version of Sherlock Holmes :) but it was delayed because of a half hour power outage at the Super Bowl :D I watched Downton Abbey instead. Don't know why I watch this tear jerking twaddle -- my life is just as interesting, just not the costumes B) Starting PT this week. No elevator so knees are hating me :P Take Care, Andy !


halftime SHOW I shoulda said, B) is :) with glasses!


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