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Amazing people

Today a workmate a give a lift to and have beome friends with dispite the age gap annouced he will be running the Great North Run for the M J Fox charity in my name. He will be doing this in 2014 dressed as teenwolf. Micheal himself has a blood condition where he had to go into hospital every week to give at least a pint of blood. I was ina coffee shop when i read the facebook item and i had to fight back the tears, the responce from ther people offering spondors or to join him in the run. Im tempted to get fit and join them. A 10k was done by Myself and 3girl friends last yr..... Its just so humbling to know people care. Few people have asked why 2014 but due to his ilness it will take him time to get race fit. Tomorrow i WILL ET UP AND EXCERSISE AND GO LONG WALK. If people are doing this for me and to find cre for pd its the least i can do.

Micheal wright thank you. Not only are you an amazing artist ( U can see his artwork on my fb) u are an true friend x


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How marvelous. There are inspiring people everywhere.


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