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Big thanks to everyone who participated in the 3rd PM webinar broadcast last Thursday. The video will be available within the next week on for those who missed the live broadcast. Our theme for the webinar was "Taking Control" and looked at the different ways in which people with Parkinson's can empower themselves to take control of their illness.

I've been thinking recently about Parkinson's Movement and what kind of people PM is about. Parkinson's is a long journey and how we spend our time is important. Ask yourself this:

Are you content to be a passenger or do you want to drive?

Will you wait to be told the answers or demand to ask the questions?

Will you waste your life waiting or spend it seeking?

Will you take what you want or give what you can?

Do you grieve for what you cannot do or celebrate what you can?

Should you live a life of regrets or a life of opportunities?

Evidence increasingly points to the conclusion that self empowerment improves our quality of life and physical well-being. If we are apathetic and disinterested, we will do less well than those who engage with their illness. But nobody can do that for you. In the end it comes down to a single question:

Will Parkinson's defeat you or define you?

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Living with Parkinsons Disease is The Biggest Challenge I have ever had. It is very difficult to take the position that I am in control of something that has so much control over me.


"Try really try" -Edith Beale


We are obviously not in control of the illness, hopefully the medication and the doctors will keep an eye on it's progression and medicate etc accordingly.

I do believe we can put it on the side burner and try to keep doing as much as we possibly can enhance on the things we can do, but not to mourn the things we can't.

and if we get chance to learn new things in life to grab them with relish.


When i first found out i had Parkinson's the thought that raced through my mind was " i can handle this "

my kids make jokes (it's thier way of dealing with the PD) so we laugh a lot and make the best of it. my son says i should be thankful for what i have.

i don't think i ever really got depressed. i get frustrated ( to the point of tears) but i keep on going. i worried about not using my legs but someone put it into perspective for me - if i can no longer use my legs - put me in a wheel chair and i'll keep on going. makes you think of the energiser bunny (ha ha).

besides who wants to spend the rest of thier life depressed, miserable and unhappy - not me!! i've still got a lot of living to do.

so in answer to your question- will Parkinson's defeat me or define me? the answer is DEFINE.

I hope it is everyone's answer.


I have been watching the wedinair . Having had PD 10years & I'm now only sixty. i found when first diagnosed I gave into it for a couple of years. But then decided I wanted to get back to my "half full" look on life not "half empty ". Yes I too have days of fustration which usually ends in tears, but I am a leader on the expert patient program & involved in steering group concerned with self care/self management. I have met some wonderful people through PD for that I am grateful. Will Parkinson's defeat me or define me? DEFINE.


I think my biggest fear with PD is the possiblility of dementia. I have already had to leave my job as a nurse due to the physical and congnitive issues. My tremors are under reasonable control with medication, but under stress, my mind does not function normally.

I do various mental games, etc. to help with some of it. As a child, I thought my Grandmother was the smartest person in the world! It was painful over the last few years of her life when she could not even remember my name. Dementia is my biggest fear.

I do not let this fear defeat me, but it frustrates me when I cannot remember how to do something I have done a 1,000 times...


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