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What you gonna do? Sleep? Forsooth! (Parts 1 & 2 & End)

So, I have Parkinson’s!??!, The I that is...> Me? No, not Doctor Joe, no, no that’s impossible, how can I…. can you believe that? But, ….I was always the healthiest, hippest grape in the bunch. A regular Prince of the city, it just can’t be, no way, a case of mistaken Identity, It ain’t fair! Not now, darn! I was just getting it together. But, now forget going out or playing sports , somedays I just want to make it to the bathroom on time, or tie my own shoes, or not stumble in the grocery store again. There are days that I suck at golf, days I can’t play guitar, days that weigh on me like a drunken priest. But there are never days when I don’t think of you Mr. Parky.

My wife?, you ask! Why?? What about my wife? Oh!! Yes!!! Yes, her life has shrunk severely, too. She’s almost as consumed by this shaky, flaky monster, as I. Why does she stay? Don’t know, really, most have left the good ship PD.Lollyhead. But, no not her! I sometimes feel miserable just for her!

So? What cha gonna do eh? Give up on yourself? Wallow in self-pitying, self-defeating Victimized misery!?? Been there, done that, it’s a lot of fun! Believe me! Or are you gonna dance even though your flippin legs feel like upside down garden pots tied together by string? And your shoulders are so stiff, you feel like a stick is implanted in the wrong opening!

Well, don’t worry! It gets worse for all of us

…If you let it!

And, it’s not the stress, it’s the reaction that’s deadly! The more you ask to open up the Gates of Dopamine, the more they do open. The more you Scrooge around, the more you become Scrooge, himself! Try to reduce your self-generated stress first. THIS MEANS YOU…Let up on yourself already! If I listened to you, I’d think you were the stupidest, clumsiest and the most worthless stumblebum on God’s green Earth. Maybe?

Argghh!!! Just listen to the way you talk to you! Shut up please, how can you sleep with all that self-recriminatory negative chitter-chattering going on up in your head? Just saying, is all!! You need sleep. Obviously you never get enough sleep and water , too! When was the last time you had a 2 cent plain cool refreshing water? When the Jets won the big game? 1969 for you uninformed folks.

Second, put down the fat-free chocolate mud pie and get up and walk, Ms/Mr lazy bones! AND try not to stop at the gas station for a quick hit of Slim Jims, Ding-Dongs and diet Dr. Pibb. And move !creating A wind would be nice! And would it kill you to eat a vegetable not name fries? Please! I’m begging you, here! Sound like you. Maybe?

Could you let up on your brother and sister, too? Would it kill you to do 3 good things today, no?

So! What’s stopping ya!

So, no worries! Eh? Exercise, eat better, don’t pick, love yourself well!!! Same stuff, different smell!!! all I pray for, is for you,me,they to be well, again!

Oh and that incurable, chronic, Neuro-degenerative Disease, I’m getting ready to kick it’s rodent's rectum…Right after this dance, My Sweet may I…?

Not To be continued

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Fight the good fight with all your might!


Right on man!


I'll give it a try!! You are right I CAN and WILL if not beat at least keep it at bay.



Nice!! Words for the day fellow Parkies! Now get off your arse and dance, crawl or walk. But laugh today...laugh tomorrow. Hey..i did a push up today. I fell off the toilet and pushed myself up! Made ya laugh!


Yes you did funnyman! yes you did!


LOL, clever!


When feeling well live life like it will be your last day,

So sing, dance, if you play an instrument

Play it call some friends or take yourself to dinner.

Dress up. Looking good is sometime better then feeling good.

Have fun it's all about you. There is nothing wrong

About been selfish for a little while. And love passionately

Remember some us do not have a spouse or a significant


Have blast.



Very good advice!


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